If we could Nerf 1 card for each Faction, which ones will you choose?


Hello everyone. I am a New Player around here. I start playing in October but i have spent a lot of time in the game, about 270h now. I am Spanish and my English is not that good, but i wanted to be part of the community and who knows, maybe it helps me to improve my writing skills ^^.

I dont want to complain about cards and this is not a rage post. Simply lets assume that we are given the chance to nerf 1 card for each faction. What those cards would be? As i said, i am new and my knowledge is limited, I reached diamond last month ( rank 3) so dont be rude with me ^^.

Lets start:

Lyonar: Holy Imo: Crazy value for 4 mana, can clean the board and damage the enemy general at the same time. I think that normally you deal at least 12 damage with this card plus healing a unit. The counterpart is that you need a body to use it, but with Slo or Blood tear thats not a problem. My idea, make it 5 mana, so it must compete with circle of life for that spot and is going to be less effective in agro decks.

Songhai: Bloodrage mask: Crazy value again. For 1 mana you do normally about 6-7 damage. Its great for taking down artifacts too, and hard to destroy it because Reva love to be out of range. My idea is to make it a 2 mana artifact or change the effect to “whenever you cast a spell deal 1 damage to a random enemy minion or general” so at least there is some % involved.

Vetruvian: Falcius: Great body and a free removal for 3 mana. That card is so good that it was created for Sajj I think, but all Zirix use it anyways.My change would be to make the Falcius itself a 3/2. So that way it is no longer being hard to take it down.

Abyssian: Kelaino: Disgusting card that can be summoned normally far away and have so much impact in the game itself. I think she should be changed to a 3 /4. So it is a little bit easier to kill for all the factions. Cryo, Rasha+dunecaster, Makantor, etc … Other cards with similar effects have 4 Health like 4winds or Shadowdancer.

Magnar: Thumping wave: Stupid card. Give you a crazy burst potential and it can be also used as a removal. Magmar has a lot of control already and I think this card is by no mean necessary to be a removal. So I would change the effect to “friendly minion only” so you can use it for the crazy burst if you want to, but not to have that kind of flexibility.

Vanar: No idea, I dont play Vanar at all. Its my fountain of spirit. So lets the rest of you discuss about it. And I dont see any card that I hate that much in that faction.

So what are your choices and why?


Let’s turn it around, what card would you ADD to every Faction to deal with the other factions better?


Let’s see, holy immo…there’s a post already

Thumping wave…there’s a post already

Bloodrage mask…never had problems with this

Falcius…why…poor falcius

Kelaino…kelaino can die of diabetes (i hate abyssian in general)

Vanar are good as they are, nothing seems unfair with them IMO

Right now the only card i would nerf is kelaino, so much cancer (and personal hate).

But thinking with my right mind i would say “is tricky but counterable” and “if it’s too strong in late game, well, the faction itself IS the late game”

I personally don’t know too much about balance to talk about nerfing something.


Well you laid out the thread’s salt-free premise pretty clearly so sure, I’ll play along. Maybe we could get a ‘if you could buff one card’ thread too some time.

Abyssian - Spectral Revenant
I don’t think Abyssian needs a nerf overall so any changes here should be balanced elsewhere, but I do believe the Revenant warps the faction’s power curve and is generally unfun to play against.

Lyonar - Holy “F**k not Again” Immolation
I believe Lyonar would fall apart without this card as it is, so again, changes would have to be balanced elsewhere. There’s another thread talking about this that I don’t agree with but if any card were to be nerfed I think this one would be a good candidate.

Magmar - Makantor “Makantor Jesus” Warbeast
Is there any Magmar deck that doesn’t run Warbeasts? The card is scary strong and excruciatingly difficult to effectively combat. It’s almost always a two-for-one + 4-8 damage to the enemy General’s face and the broken nature of the Rush Keyword just makes this thing a nightmare.

Songhai - Bloodrage “BabyRage” Mask
I don’t agree that this card is that much of a problem, but it’s the one single Songhai card that I can reasonably objectively point to and say “damn this 1-Mana card has a ridiculous amount of impact variance.”

Vanar - Aspect of the Fox
With the change to Cryogenesis I’d call Aspect of the Fox the only real card I have a problem with. I don’t like Chromatic Cold’s design but it’s not warping the faction. Aspect of the Fox–by contrast–could really use a change, particularly in its range of possible targets. For 1 mana you can neutralize almost any other card, regardless of cost. I think AotF should be restricted to minions costing 0-5 mana instead, or get some similar change.

Vetruvian - Nimbus
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Vetruvian, currently. If you twisted my arm I’d point at Nimbus as too much of a kill-or-die card. The card just mandates you use dispel or hard removal on it because you’re unlikely to be able to deal with 1 or 2 Soulburn Obelysks (unless you’re Vaath maybe); not because of their auto-kill effect, but because they also pack Summon Dervish.

Neutral - Ephemeral Shroud
Not a Faction, but hey, why should I let that stop me. This card singlehandedly defines the way this game is played. Its very existence biases every card pick towards cheaper stuff and Opening Gambits and away from any kind of elaborate play that requires a turn to set up. Sure it’s not the only thing that thwarts plans, but its extremely broad usability and low cost make it the worst of the Neutral offenders, in my book.

Welcome to the forums by the way, hope you enjoy your time here.


All the cards you listed above, except holy imo, yes f*ck holy imo in particular, don’t deserve any nerf, I think :slight_smile: they’re reasonably strong.

btw, I play vanar as the main faction, and I think it’s pretty well balanced, only need some more buff, not nerf :slight_smile:


Abyssian- Reaper of the Nine Moons
While this card doesn’t see a lot of play right now when it does it’s an absolute nightmare as you pray it doesn’t steal one of your good minions. One of the only “bad” rng cards in the game, quite frankly I would like to see it changed.

Lynor- Slo
My major issue with Slo is its interaction with Holy Immo. The counterplay to immo used to be play around Lynors minions because it was costly to minion+ immo. Slo removes that interaction making immo really hard to play around. I think it would still be good at one mana.

Magmar- Chrysalis Burst
Nobody likes to lose becasue they lost a coinflip and the Slithar Elder spawns in a place you can’t reach. While it’s not a consistent card I do think it could use change not neccary a nerf.

Songhai- N/A
Can’t think of a Songhai card that I have a problem with.

Vetruvian- N/A
Likewise I don’t see a Vet card that I have a problem with.

Vanar- Aspect of the Fox
This one is a purely personal feeling. But I really hate playing versus Vanar’s removal and wouldn’t mind seeing Aspect at two mana so I could actually play something over four mana versus Vanar without getting rekted…


Would rather do this the other way around and buff a weak card from each faction. The game really doesn’t need any more nerf carpet bombing- Spelljammer became slow, and Kara’s BBS no longer lets up OTK strategies that don’t involve playing extra steps like Razorback. The game is drifting towards a very good place, and there really isn’t anything left that can be fixed with a nerf patch


Okay after we nerf one card in each faction,Let’s go play for month meet back here and nerf another 6 cards because they will be good cards again right?

At what point do you stop nerfing cards?


We need to stop talking about nerfing :stuck_out_tongue:


Abbysian - Spectral Revenant
Abbysian have quite good late game even without this card, but this rush minion has zero counterplay. You cant hide you general without 2 provoke minions, and even then it gets guaranteed value: 6 damage and a body on board. There are no good 6 attack provokes. You could say that nightwatcher is a counter but it just delays revenant.

Lyonar - Nothing
You might argue about Holy immolation, but unlike makantor, minions Lyonar summon dont have rush. They cant move to any position,so putting your minions in the best holy immolation places just denies its full value.

Songhai - Mist dragon seal
I like songhai the way it is, but if i were to change it i were to change something i would make MDS move a minion 3 or 2 tiles instead of anywhere.

Vetruvian - Inner oasis
Why playing astral phasing when you have this? But generally Vetruvian is very good and balanced as a faction.

Vanar - Cromatic cold
Make it deal 2 damage and disspell a minion or general.


Someone doesn’t like chromatic dispelling their untargetable z’ir :wink:


The wolrd is cruel to those who Z’ir :cry:


In Aspect of the Fox’s defence it does leave behind a decent body to take over what you targeted. It doesn’t die to 2 dmg attacks and 3 ATK is a good trading point. I don’t think that the card is annoying the problem that I have with Vanar is that they just have so much removal avaliable


I had to think for a while on which Songhai card to nerf, since they have been hit by so many nerfs already, but I think that Katara needs a rework. This is a 1drop with a 2 drop worth of stats and ability, capable of dealing absurd amounts of damage or trading very well with inner focus.

4 mana
Backstab 1. If this minion performed a successful backstab, give it forcefield until the start of your next turn

This might make it stronger, but a 1 drop that would be a decent 2 drop is a bit unfair. By raising its cost and side-grading it, I feel that it would lead to less “oops I win” situations.


Lyonar - SLO.

Songhai - Inner Focus.

Vetruvian - Falcius.

Abyssian - Punish.

Magmar - Flash Reincarnation.

Vanar - Aspect of the Fox.


You wanna nerf a card that isn’t out yet???


Best time to nerf indeed: No Spirit refund means more money for CPG to hire better people. =S


Lyonar - Nothing. I know people hate Holy Immolation, but I’ve lost more due to Divine Bond than Holy Immolation and since I wouldn’t nerf DB I wouldn’t nerf Holy Immolation either. While nothing else screams to me as in needing a nerf.

Songhai - Mirror Meld, I would just change it so it doesn’t copy buffs over to the new minion as thats the biggest problem I have with the card. Other contenders - Bloodrage Mask (would make it 2 mana), and Reva’s BBS (would change it to a random space near the general like Zirix’s BBS but maybe it would make them too similar).

Vetruvian - Nothing. I feel Vet are in a decent spot balance wise and I wouldn’t nerf anything.

Abyssian - Spectral Revenant, I dislike the fact it gets to clear minions but still do damage to the general through its ability. If it was like Red Synja where the damage went to random minions, I might have less of a problem with it but maybe that would be still too good. Other contender - Reaper Of The Nine Moons, people hate its RNG while I don’t have as big of a problem with that, I think it has too much inital value going for it. So I would just lower its attack (possibly to 3).

Magmar - Nature’s Confluence, I just think it can swing the match too much through its RNG. Sometimes you get screwed over by Roks, other times you pretty much win due to getting 4 Gro. I know other people hate the Mankantor but for me I think its just on the fine line of being really good and you want 3 copies while just not quite OP. But if anything was different about it like having more stats it would be nerfed and anything less it probably wouldn’t be played nearly as much.

Vanar - Nothing. Like Vet I feel like they are in a good spot overall.

Also going to steal thematsjo idea and add in a neutral choice.

Neutral - Saberspine Tiger or Dioltas. Can’t choose between them. I think if Tiger wasn’t around the meta generally would be slower, more midrange/control style. But I understand the need for aggressive minions/decks but I think its cost combined with most buffing spells makes it too good for the damage just to come out of hand. So maybe I would up its mana cost and stats to make it an end game minion style minion like Spectral Revenant (without its 4 dmg ability). While Dioltas I think has too much value which also makes it a dispel sponge, saving other more important minions from dispel. The 0/10 tombstone I believe is the problem with the minion and all I would do is make it into a 0/5 tombstone. That way it still can serve its purpose, but without the super Divine Bond buff coming down while still being able to delay the opponent who will have to deal with the tombstone provoke minion.


Basically anything that is a no brainer include in any deck of the given faction so:

Lyonar - holy immolation

Songhai - Inner Focus

Vetruvian - Falcius.

Abyssian - Shadow Sister kelaino

Magmar - makantor warbeast

Vanar - Aspect of the Fox.


As a Vanar main, Aspect of the Fox is a lot more balanced than you might think. 3/3 isn’t regularly easy to deal with - you often end up having to use Aspect of the Fox + then another card to kill the 3/3 it leaves behind going 2 for 1 into their minion, or to take face damage. It’s more like a dispel than hard removal.

And it is perfectly okay for Vanar to have more removal than other factions, because Vanar’s minions are generally weaker/more situational.