If factions could use the cards of other factions


In a less OP context, Shroud Fugitive on :b:aath


Bone Swarm in Songhai


We can do panddo-themed strategos decks with pandatentiary! :grinning:


Tusk Boar + Unbirth :thonk:


Oh god that’s like Jax Truesight 2 turns out early


P1T1 Ragnora, Rae, Crypto, BBS
P1T2 Killing Edge on Egg, 14 burst damage


3 fortitudes for the same amount of mana yield better results. It’s Magmar, baby.


Void talon in magmar
We need that 3mana 10 health thing that threatens 18 health for 1 card and 6 mana because threatening 10 dmg with BBs,2cards and 6 mana is not enough pressure :sweat:
Unless im missjudging the interaction-i think fractal replication would make the void talons able to act imidiately,wouldn,t it?


Fractal (and Superior mirage) giving build minions rush got patched out a long time ago.


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