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If Duelyst had Hearthstone-style artwork, would it have been more popular?


I feel like Duelyst knee-capped itself by overestimating the popularity of pixel art.


Its possible, but there isn’t a guarantee that a different art style would have made it more popular or that the game would have lasted as long, since there is a cost of involved with whatever alternate art style they could have gone with. Whether that would be money or work hours. I think the pixel art in-game is pretty good, but everyone has they own preference.


How dare you!

Is the pixel art in Duelyst a thousand times cooler than the lame Hearthstone artwork?

  • YES!
  • Not really

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Maybe so. Might be better to have slightly higher res graphics of current style.

There is also the danger of being too similar as well. You don’t want Duelyst being called something like a Hearthstone clone. Then you have Heartstone’s company with a bigger budget. Doing the same style artwork but doing it better.
The results is we still have people saying Duelyst’s graphics is worse than Hearthstone’s. The difference is instead of some people saying they prefer Duelyst’s pixel graphic and some saying it is bad, to everyone saying it is worse relative to Hearthstone.


To me, the pixel art style was the first thing that got me interested.
Maybe with another style i was going to play anyway, but probably never even notice the game.
Pixel art always caught my eye


Duelyst has amazing concept art and having a way to implement it (or really just make it available to the players) within the game could’ve helped.


But do people even like Hearthstone art? As I see it, its just generic enough to go unnoticed and no one cares about it?


Meh. It varies from card to card.


yeah,i do. it’s meaningfully stylized. I daresay it’s something duelyst struggles at every other card they make.

Look at this dude: teeth the size of thumbs, spit-flying, and ridiculously dressed. where every other card depicts a minion as passive, he’s shown to be charging.

you know immediately it’s a batcrap dumb card, and if you dig deeper, he turns out to be the most iconic dumbass ever. you learn the red in his background is actually an ocean of dragon flame.
and here we have
scintilla. is it a guy? is it a dude? does it have facial expression? we don’t know. but that’s the point. pixel art is straightforward. it sends the maximum amount of information in such little time and space. So when it doesn’t show that his main function is to heal, it’s a glaring oversight in design choice. In the end, scintilla is all flash and no substance.

to be fair, sometimes, it’s so good though
wings that don’t look super functional, long agile legs: perfect for airdrop
big laser axe of death: 12 damage of death
frame looks slender and far from the sturdiness of ironcliffes: 6 health, nothing to laugh at, but very small compared to minions from its mana group.
everything about it says: if you don’t react to this fast enough, you’re fucked.

I like duelyst visuals, but HS art is likeable in its own way, and sometimes, i try to look for that “HS” factor in duelyst art where everything in the past several expansions have been nothing but edgy.


I think dooli artstyle and animation (which is something most similar card games dont even have, you usually see the card flying and clashing with another card) are what make it unique and amazing.

It would have been more popular if it had any kind of promotion at all. I remember seeing it on a game review site (gamespot iirc, which even gave it a 9, iirc again) shortly after the release and that’s it…even if i check almost daily 5 different games/mmos sites it was the first and only time i have read about duelyst.


I’m sure, that some people turned it down because of the art.
But the main reason is another.
Just take a look at other games. Shardbound has a great artstyle and is completely dead.


Shard bound is dead because they literally ran out of money, I’m not seeing the correlation here.


Duelyst lack of popularity is from a bunch of different things

  • They “launch” to early and change the ruleset and they loss a chunk of players
  • Duelyst was ready early to be competitive game.No stable tournament system and pro ladder
  • Duelyst wasn’t stream friendly you have screen capture and they didn’t have good enough stream intivates early
  • They made a change to diamonds system,They banned a couple countries and they had card rate change incident
  • Duelyst didn’t have Steam,Mobile and other language ready at launch MMO, CCG and MOBA are social monsters .The more people playing the more people will join.

The art yeah that didn’t help but you only get one chance at first impression and Duelyst wasn’t ready. When you launch a game you have to be ready so you can take as biggest chunk of the market as you can Gwent and Shadowverse did that. Artifact looks like they will be doing that . Duelyst did things to shoot itself in the foot and then followed up with things to shoot itself in the foot. Duelyst would have been whole lot better shape right now if they had better opening plan.


PCGamer had articles before some expansions, IIRC, and it’s been on RockPaperShotgun a few times.


That cardgame artstyle does not correlate to money income
Notice I said correlate, not influence


I actually love Duelyst for it’s pixel art. That’s one of the thing that set it apart to other CCG games.
Stylistic and detailed, I would love to see these beautiful pixel units survive in other games. Maybe as platformer/jrpg spinoff games set in Duelyst world?


It’s possble, but I see no reason to assume it played a role.

I can imagine some people being repulsed from the art style, and others being attracted to it. I don’t think there’s a reason to assume one group is larger than the other.


Maybe it would have gained more traction early on using Hearthstone’s art style, but I think it would have lost that playerbase twice as fast. Personally, the pixel art is what caught my attention to begin with, and it’s also the reason I’m playing now. The animations especially captivate me.


I think Duelyst would have been far more popular.

There’s a reason why Epic changed Fortnite graphics from Left 4 Dead visuals into super cartoony visuals. Mass market appeal.


Maybe it would have been more popular, but I wouldn’t be here.

Honestly, the cartoony visuals of Hearthstone and Fortnite are major turn offs to me. The pixel art drew me into this game, along with the animation and the gameplay mechanics. Beautiful pixel artwork is a real jewel to behold.