If a player is AFK, the game should auto concede


It’s infuriating having to wait for rope timer multiple turns. I don’t want to take a concession loss out of boredom.


Really? And pray tell what is this wondrous code that would allow the game to determine if someone is afk?

And if even if this code does exist, how is it fair to not grant them a chance to get back?
People have connection problems, and parents, both which tend to pull you off in the middle of a game.


It is only fair to give players a chance to rejoin the game and the system already realizes when players are AFK. If they have done nothing during their turn, the timer will immediately show up on their next turn and then they autoconcede. I really like the current system.


I’ve seen it happen where the timer instantly turns up, but a recent game I had against someone afk, that didn’t get activated. Don’t know what caused it not to, but a crap experience.

Don’t make the other player responsible for your rubbish internet connections. This is going to become more of an issue with the mobile release.


I am pretty sure you can afford to wait for 5 Minutes for a free win.


Well, once you leave bronze you will play with people who take the game more seriously :wink:


That is just not true, i forfeit games for silly reasons all the time lol.


Aww, muffin…

If the player disconnects, the timer automatically goes quicker during their next turn. If they remain connected, the timer remains the same. I don’t think that the 2-3 minutes that you spend waiting for the game to resolve and you to win is too big a deal. If waiting those few minutes is too much for you, then maybe tab out and look at something else while their turn ends. I don’t know what else to say.


Right now disconnects are already a big issue for me, as there doesn’t seem to be a Duelyst server in China. Having a chance to reconnect is really important, and most of the time it’s quick.


But what if that’s their tactic, to wait and do nothing for a turn(s)? I believe that someone did it in the recent world champ qualifiers, but I can’t remember who


At this point they could just end their turn.


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