If a damaged minion drops on grow tile, will it grow?


I was mucking around with some grow memes, when I had oropsisaur on board, and I dropped a flashed out silithar onto a flourish tile. It didn’t grow. Is this an intended interaction, or not?


You answered the title yourself.

If it is intedned or isn’t i dunno, but seems like it takes damage before it is considered on the map.


No, because the minion itself needs to have grow in order to trigger oropsisaur. Flourish tiles dont give grow to minions (but godhammer does it)


Yes, the tile my friend. The tile


Tiles and Godhamer do work with Oro. But neither of them work with out of hand ramped units damaged by the ramp as they are damaged before they hit the board and have grow. Now if you have hammer or something is standing on a tile and it takes damage it will grow with oro.

As for whether it is intended or not, that is hard to say.


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