[Idea] This is pure memery, but!


Okay, okay… What if we had a really silly expensive deck right, that is:

3x Khymera
3x Pandora
3x Inquisitor Kron
3x Firestarter
3x Prismatic Illusionist
3x Zor

As the base cards, how many things could we get spawning x’D
Man, this seems funny, just a swarm deck with every token minion ever!



But wait, z0r? The guy who gives you a mech? How is that swarm? Correct me if I’m wrong


I was meant to put Z0R and Pax, because they both GENERATE a minion or more.

Basically, z0r and khymera both have the ability to generate Mechaz0r, so yknow, whynot?
Because Memes.


But Zor will never give you enough parts… But memes are real


No z0r can ACTUALLY give you Mechaz0r itself.


Obviously you play hailstone prison with it.


Ikr w0w much mechs



OMG didn’t even know


Wait, seriously?


I was thinking Vetruvian, more for the swarm… so Pax and Stars Fury alongside like Portal Guardian.


I also have the idea, of a wildfire ankh + spinecleaver + sajj BBS… Blood Totem + Ion and other ranged units, type deck.