IDEA : A new game mode and more social functionalities!


Hey everyone,
Huh, so I had an incredible idea ! One you surely already thought about !
I noticed the game is lacking in social functionalities, but you already know that. So I thought about a thing, clans ! Or whatever would fit best in the game’s lore. I really don’t know. I read through the lore and found out that every faction competes with the other ones so, I wonder. Anyway this is not the point. I think that it would be a great idea. Duelyst has a naturally nice and mature community, why not take advantage of this ? Clans would be a great way to socialize with other players.
But, simple clans with nothing other than being a clan is boring coughDestinycough, right ? So I thought of some nicey shiny features.

  • Group chat. Extremely obvious but I’m trying to make this post longer so it looks professional :wink:

  • Bets. Yeah, betting. Like, bet 50 gold with your opponent you’ll win ! I’d love to get spectating also. I don’t think you can right now.

  • Friendly Tournaments ! I heard there are some tournamments but it doesn’t seem like they’re extremely common. And it’s always better than organizing random tournaments with spreadsheets you made out of scratch and that you’re the only one to see.

  • And a brand new game mode ! I don’t think it’s actually needed, and highly doubt it’ll ever become real because of balancing and other issues but if any dev looks at this, please have fun imagining how it’d be !

    • Conquest Mode.
      • It’s pretty simple on paper. Two Generals, each controlled by a player, per team. Each team has a big Mana Crystal you must destroy to win. You could also just do it 1v1 . I just wanted to add co-op but that’d be hard to balance. The Crystal has ~35 HP. I guess also that if you kill a General, this player stops playing ? Excuse my lack of idea to balance but, as I said, maybe it’s better to keep the game wholy 1v1 . I think Yu-Gi-Oh once did that two player thing but I can’t remember. That’s off-topic anyway.
      • I think this game mode should be left for “in clan” play or Clan v Clan. More than likely, the two players should be able to communicate and should go along, as it should be heavily co-op based. You don’t want to go in blind and just, rush to the Crystal.

    So, those are my ideas. You can improve on them, you can steal them, you can do whatever you want I won’t sue anyone lol. Anyway, see you in-game or on the boards o/


Social Interactivity? What is this? I am a Gamer, i don’t need no social acitivity!
That being said, i think at least spectating features (outside of replays) would be cool and belong to the standard repertoire of most games, betting would also be fun, but i doubt they would implement it since it would potentially make it by far easier to earn gold. And i think they are at least working on a coopmode.


Right, who needs social activity when you can pwn n00bs ! More seriously, maybe betting would be indeed a bit broken. I’d love to know where you got any hint on a co-op mode too :wink:


Adding clans and a 2v2 ‘conquest’ mode would be a ton of work on the development teams end. While it’s neat on paper it just would take a bit of work and balancing. Betting gold on matches is straight up gambling and since they’re a free to play for all ages game it’s pretty doubtful they’d add that function. The one idea that’s nice would be a tournament mode, where players enter a queue and are matched with several others. An entry fee of 50g would be proper, and whoever wins gets 150g and an orb? something like that, places second, third, or fourth could also receive 150g for getting that far.


It was mentioned in some patch’s patchnotes that a coopmode was one of their priorities in future patches, might have even been the seven sisters patch.


i like the idea of clans chosing one faction and trying to improve that faction in some way(a chart) and if the faction you chose wins then everyone in your clan gets a free card (any rarity) (or prismatic defined rarity). i think this can get people more along with their faction


No, I meant only with your opponent. But, I get the point, maybe that’s not a good idea to set up gambling in any form.

@cassador Guess I’ll have to look this up then !

@loni852 Well, there’s not necessarily need for a clan for this. If you mean some “faction wars” in victory counts, this could be done by playing the said faction.


See this:


Tournaments would be sick for example 8 players pay 50-100 gold and 1-3 of top scores get rewards, but only way it would work properly is draft system, where everybody have decks drafted like in gauntlet. It would be pointless (as a silver/gold player) to join into tournament and face S-rank player with high cost consistent deck.


Now that’s awesome ! Thanks for the link dude.


Yeah, draft’s a good idea. ( Muahahaha, double post like idc )


but having a clan and talking to people to feel more like a real faction sounds pretty good


This is not a bad idea at all when thinking about it, maybe you’d use the faction’s deck to play in the clan. Or a deck affiliated to a clan ? ----brain.exe stopped working ( sorry but right now I’m high, I can’t think of good jokes )


2v2 should be in for the luls with a disclaimer: FACTIONS ARE NOT BALANCED FOR THIS GAME MODE. I think that’s ok. Right?


it would be interesting to add something like clan ribbons. i think it would be better if instead of full aggro crystal smash, there was territory control like a king of the hill or capture the flag. it would force players to rely more on board control than straight up damage (though songhai seems a little OP for these modes)

just thought up a good one. SIEGE MODE
both sides set up their board before the battle begins
player one is the attacker and can use 5 mana to set up their side of the board before play and gets 5 mana tiles to use later.

player two is on defence and can set up their side of the board with 10 mana before the game starts.

or possibly a battlefield mode with an extra big map where all the minions are summoned at the start and spells/artifacts are the only thing left in your deck


I did think of KotH but Siege does sound good. And the last one is straight up Fire Emblem :joy: Still, I’d enjoy it. Fire Emblem is such a great game.


In game tournament support would be nice but tournaments are certainly not uncommon already. There’s tournaments everyday wed-sun every week.


Really ? I didn’t know.


i think they could at least add a mode in which your can play 2vs2 in the friends mode. that way more people plays and is more fun. In the friends mode you dont gain XP or gold so i dont see any problem. also they could add, when you reach level 11 in any faction and you have all the cards, the recipe of the starter deck because the only way i had to make recipes was internet.