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Hi there friends, I decided to collect a few of my decklists together to make them easier to find. Here they are, some do need updating but should all be functional. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Credit to alphacentury Solafid and my mum


Yggdra’s Voracity and Cryonic Potential… Or did I get the wrong idea?

How’s that deck working out for you?

Thanks for sharing! A wealth of ideas for sure!


I think disciple and cyronic potential are both just super good cards that work well in that list :smile:


I’ll be playing this Sajj list, though I have a couple remarks that you may want to illuminate me on

Though in my very first game my starter was double Abj triple FW, I would think its not uncommon for it to be in a hand of a bunch of non-spells;
I am naturally suspiscious of Wraith as a card, so my first question is, why not Star’s Fury instead of that, or even Accumulomnimbus
Because those cards can steal wins outta nowhere, and Wraith’s reward floor is pretty low
I may be mistaken though, I dunno how much people actually answer it, I know my aggro shit cannot, but then again it doesnt care too much about it

During the game I had to question myself how fast is this list looking to combo; in my own Artisajj, I run a fuckton of artifacts and replace for Tears/Maelstorm every turn, so I can get it off before EMP turn and finish off any remaining damage with Flameblood/Rasha/Bone Swarm
Whereas this seems to be slower, and I wouldnt know if it can keep the board clean enough to have a turn between Gifts and combo
And to rely on Gifts + Aurora + Maelstorm in one turn would be to depend on a good Abjudicator a lot

Finally, Im not sure why Loremaster is in this, I guess it makes it so that Tears can also be used as removal in a pinch, but is it worth it with First Wish and Foundry?


And also, why NoSE is nowhere to be seen in this list? I mean, OK, it’s a combo list, but occasional Tracey with NoSE may be useful, no?

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Ryousen you have some legitimate concerns here. The way I tend to play otk sajj is extremely strange in that I tend to keep my artifacts unequipped apart from ankh if I think my opponent can realistically remove them in the following turn. For that reason I hold onto my artifacts and literally kite the opponent as much as possible giving me time to collect combo pieces. It is a slower otk list. I will actually personally go through that list and change it up a bit because your comments make a lot of sense to me. Will message you with the results


I honestly dont think so actually. The reason being, first of all, its unrealistic to expect this list to be able to keep up In tempo to have enough time to play a vanilla 3/3 for 6 and not just immediately die and the other issue is that that nose if you cant pull it off will sit in your hand for the entirety of the game which when you want to be collecting combo pieces and hitting big adjudicator hits really does feel bad when you play it. There are nose decks and there are OTK decks that’s my person opinion :slight_smile: neither are extremely competitive but you can definitely have success with them


If you like slower OTK lists have you ever considered giving Grincher a try? I find that the
discounted artifacts help a lot with the “assemble the whole combo in your hand” plan. Even when he pulls relatively useless artifacts they are still usually cheap enough to warrant keeping for the big combo.


Yeah I’ve messed around with grincher and he is a good boy, if the opponent happens to have to clear it with his face it makes reaching lethal that much easier too. Very solid suggestion


well i wouldn’t put it that way all the time
ideally, NoSE is only dropped to punish the enemy for leaving 2 artifacts. it practically turns your general into an unremovable makantor.

you’re right though, without obdurator or iris barrier, it would feel bad trying to play NoSE.

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