I wish there was a neutral Arcanyst minion that could dig for spells


There are arcanyst cards for healing, buffing, reducing the cost of and copying of spells, as well extra replacements. The Scientist requires having minions and spells that can specifically buff them to generate cards which isn’t the greatest.

Personally I think there should be a neutral arcanyst minion that should be able to in some manner pull specifically only spells from your deck. The spell it pulls would be random but it would be a spell that you own rather than L’Kian’s random faction spell. Since most minions that are utility based are valued at 3 or 5 (versus tempo minions at 2 and 4) it would look something like this:

Neutral Minion
2/3 for 3 Mana
Opening Gambit: Draw a random spell card from your deck.

Having thought about it further I think the game needs a keyword that allows minions to activate certain abilities at the cost of Mana. Call it something like Grease Palms. For the Librarian example it could be something like: Grease Palms: pay two mana and draw a random spell from your deck. Exhaust this minion. Make it so minions can either activate Grease Palms or attack but not both.


I’m not sure if I can see good things comes from this. I like the idea but I am afraid that it would push some decks over the edge, like maybe Spellhai or something. I dunno. Could see some cheese decks running only 1 type of spell and having this card guarantee that pull.

Just imagine if turn 3 Variax was that much more consistent.


I think that the only thing Arcanysts need in order to prevail more would be more minions, not really a specialized effect, and honestly, it’s dangerous to try to add more synergy to an archetype with indefinite amounts of health (Owlbeast Sage) and minions (Prismatic Illusionist)to provide. I know Swarm Abyssian has similar potential for infinite value in a vacuum, but I don’t think it’s gotten out of hand. I just don’t want to face decks where EVERY minion has to be removed as it comes due to fear of Owlbeast Sage adding more health, especially since BBS synergy is more prevalent in today’s metagame to add more fuel to the fire.


Totally agree. I think with just a few more Arcanyst tagged minions the decks would be viable. I am currently in the process of making an Arcanyst deck for each faction, and with just a tiny bit more synergy I think that the decks would be viable. I remember thinking that Spelljammer was an Arcanyst then sadly realizing it wasn’t. Just by adding 1 or 2 minions with a decent body(effect or not) would greatly improve the Arcanyst Tribe.


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