I want to talk about Flaming Stampede


Pretty bad card huh? But it’s not even the case here, I mean why the hell it doesn’t do something memetastic? Every class got an awesome 8 mana legendary spell exept Magmar. Let’s take Koan of Horns for example, it’s not the best card ever, not even good one, but the effect is sooooo cool. Changing your deck midgame? Sign me in!
On the other side we have Flaming Stampede… 5 too all, yeah… maybe… Well… no. It’s not a comeback mechanic, at least not in the current meta, and it even puts you in lethal range. So, here is my question: how would you change that card? Let me start: “deal 5 dmg to all enemies, restore 10 health to your general”, yeah kind of op but hey, I can dream about unconditional op Mag wincon.


I would like it to keep your synergy with the eggs/rebirth mechanic.

For example:

8 mana
Deal 4 damage to the enemy general and all minions around it.
Then hatch all friendly eggs and deal lethal damage to every friendly rebirth minion.
(note: this does not kill the just-hatched minions… it just flips the status: all non-eggs become eggs, all eggs become non-eggs (minions))

4 damage ensures that your rebirth minions die (the strongest are Elder Silithar and Dreadnought and they have 6 toughness, so 4 left after hitting general) so that they come back with rush after this card hatches them, and keeps the range-ignoring part in tact, which is something Magmar can indeed use.
It even turns all your rebirth minions that aren’t eggs into eggs for combo with Morin Khur, but if you don’t have that it’s a downside, so the card remains kind of okay :stuck_out_tongue:


I get the feeling Flaming Stampede (and the whole Shim’Zar Magmar part) was an afterthought. When they made all the other factions they somehow forgot Magmar and just flung in the first things that came to mind.

Now with that in mind, Flaming Stampede was initially meant to help the Egg/Rebirth minions of Magmar (judging from the effect and art). What might have been a better effect is “destroy all minions, hatch all eggs”.

Though I’m absolutely not sure how to make it work.
(Why yes, I am pissed off at how shitty CP has treated Magmar in Shim’Zar.)


Change to.

8 mana
Deal damage equal to your health to all enemies, draw 3 egg minions.

The draw dynamic for each faction is different,

Vetruvian has a lot of “draw a card” cards

Abyssian has a 5 mana cost 6 draw card and the creep one tile draw card.

Songhai a 5 mana cost 3 spell cards draw and a 4 mana cost draw cards as many friendly minions are in your board and a 3 mana spell that draws a card at the en of turn and a 0 mana spell that does the same thing.

Vanar as vetruvian, cards that draw cards after use.

Lyonar has a minion with zeal that draws makes you draw two cards?

Magmar has Dance of dreams, a really situational card draw mechanic where you need at last two minions on board that are not battle pets to make some value out of it, out of that there’s starhorn which give cards to opponent as well. So maybe this is not so unrealistic. This could recompensate those earth spheres and azure heralds decks.w


8 mana
Deal damage equal to your health to all enemies, draw 3 egg minions.

That would be incredibly OP if you mean enemies as including the opposing general. (Though it works for Abyssian, so maybe not).


Flaming Stampede
Deal 5 damage to all enemy units. Hatch an egg.
Less eggs to hatch but honestly, when was the last you had two eggs on your board ?


Would at least be interesting if it hatched all friendly eggs after doing the damage. The current version just wipes the board in the same way 1ply toilet paper wipes your ass.


What about:

8 mana
For the next 2 turns, deal 5 damage to all non-egg minions at the end of the turn

This provides a double AOE that can get rid of pesky dying wish minions as well as prevent your opponent from flooding the board right after you cleared it.

Also, psychic conduit and potion of madness anyone? Another antiaggro card with a 2 mana cost difference and the same effect between these games.

Proposed change:
3 mana
Take control of target minion that costs 2 or less mana.

2 drops are some of the most powerful minions in Duelyst yet there are so few ways to counter them. Something like this may discourage decks from running 9+ 2 drops and make missing a 2 drop less punishing.


When the expansion came out I waited weeks to see the first magmar cards. Day after day they spoiled new cards but never magmar cards. Then weeks in they finally revealed magmar cards so my next hype began to build around the new 8 mana cards that each faction was getting. Boy…was I disapointed when we got flaming stampede.

Its a pretty useless card by all counts, I’ve worked my ass off to make egg decks viable, and managed to push them into diamond, that being said ther is never a situation where flaming stampede is useful, viable or otherwise worth the cost.

As for changes I would make to the card, I personally would like to see more egg support, but I don’t think that the faction 8 drop should be so specific to a single archetype. My solution I think works with a few different types of magmar decks.

“Give all rebirth minions rush, turn all rebirth minions into eggs at the end of the turn”

Theres a bit of synergy, a bit of balance and it works with egg and aggro. Its appropriately situational but can very much be used as a gamechanger/ win condition. Plus it suits the theme of the card. “Flaming stampede” the minions stampede and then burn up.

Thoughts, comments, concerns?


I have a few ideas on the card I would like to test, but it looks so horrible that I don’t dare of doing it now and ruin my rank. After hitting Gold, I will report on my experiments and let you know about the outcome :slight_smile:


I love it ! I love it ! repeat for infinity


So I play 3 flaming stampede eggmar deck.Here is the big problem eggs are slow take a couple turns to set up so you take ton of damage trying to set up eggs minions and use flaming stampede.By the time you use stampede you are killing yourself more than you are killing them

To compensate for that I am running azure hearld, healing mystic,Emerald Rejuvenator,and Earth sphere.Try to get players to over extended on the board drop flaming stampede and then clean up with superior late game.

For what it does flaming stampede is too expensive in cost for aggressive fast pace nature of the game.Stampede needs to be 6 or 7 in cost and probably needs not to damage your general as well.


IMO lots of shimzar cards are just “settling things” for future expantions. They gave some archetypes and ideas some love, not much more because they just couldnt, but maybe next expantion will help set some of this archetypes and synergies.

About Flaming Stampede, if it didnt damage your general, i think it would be just fine and even usable, since magmar doesnt have AoE damage spells.


While that might be the case, why not just wait with releasing the cards until they ‘could’? I mean Magmar uses like 3 of the expansion faction cards at most, maybe they should have just waited instead of nerfing Magmar cards (Taygete/Veteran) and giving them nothing else to work with. I seriously doubt that they intended Shim’Zar to be an incomplete expansion, especially seeing as the other factions got fairly formidable cards to work with.

If every archetype needs 2+ expansions to be useable I’d rather they focus their efforts on one archetype each expansion instead of scattershotting their design like this. They already have a ton of ‘useless’ minions in Magmar that could use the support (Grow). They’re also trying to bruteforce Starhorn into a faction that doesn’t support his BBS instead of focusing on the archetypes that are already there (Egg, Self-harm, Grow, Rush). The only one they tried to work with was Rebirth, and that failed spectacularily due to overcosted cards and insufficient balance tests and the plain lack of Rebirth minions to work with.

Even assuming it was true, what in the seven blazes is Flaming Stampede a set-up for? It’s overcosted for what it does, hurts yourself and your minions and doesn’t even do enough damage to most late-game minions to kill them. Unless there’s some kind of massive benefit to putting yourself in lethal range for Magmar in a future expansion you couldn’t make use of it with this spell due to its cost. Heck, even if it did 5 damage to only minions or enemy minions, it’s still way too damn expensive.


I was hoping flaming stampede would have been more like plasma storm, with more perks tacked on. Something like: destroy all minions and then hatch all eggs.


(Whilst looking at my playset of Circle of Dessication, weeping gently)

Man, I wish Vet had an 8 drop as good as Flaming Stampede. Would it really be too much for Circle to cost 6? Maybe the same applies to Stampede?


I really do not know if you’re joking. CoD is better than Flaming Stampede imo.


xD Stampede deals 5 damage to both Generals. Dessication just wipes. Stampede always allows you to push damage, Dessication can only be good if you have the Dying Wishes lined up to proc, or enough Obelysk setup to not be put behind by handing your opponent all of the initative.


The problem with these expensive board clears is that, after clearing the board, you give the opponent initiative in that they have access to playing things on an empty board before you do. The egg and structure clause seem weak in comparison to the fact that you surrender control of the board to your opponent. This may be used to lower opponent board presence, but it comes out too late and you need to be loosing be a lot for these spells to work.

My suggestion is to let them also clear the board at the start of your next turn, forcing your opponent to have a poor tempo turn. Or, just lower the cost, but that would ruin the 8 mana theme.