I want to see more players in gauntlet, so I made this guide for beginners


So in the last few days queue times in gauntlet were really really long… and instead of complaining i thought I might be able to help counter that by raising interest in gauntlet. Here you go:

TL;DW: I explain what gauntlet is, what you get by playing gauntlet and share some advice on how to draft and play for more wins.

So what do you guys think of gauntlet? Did you play some games in there yourself? Do you want Counterplay Games to invest more into gauntlet?


I definitely like Gauntlet, but for some reason didn’t really play it lately, will do again soon no doubt.


yes, come and join us!


Gauntlet is more expensive than Spirit orb. Because of it I dont play Gauntlet.


It’s more expensive to start the run but if you can consistently end up with 3 wins it’s worth it and gives you more for your gold than you’d get by buying packs. It’s a silly reason to not play it. Give it a shot, and if you don’t like it or are just really bad at it, don’t play it.

Personally I dislike it because of the randomness factor and the lack of competitiveness. I like to compete in a fairly predictable environment where I have control over the decks I play and play against.

Anyway, I have nothing to base this on but I doubt that people that don’t play gauntlet do it because they’re scared of it or something. That might only apply when they’re still new at the game and can’t tell left from right. They don’t play gauntlet because they know how it works and dislike the system.


What you get if you hit 3 wins?


I basically don’t play gauntlet cause I’m not guaranteed to be able to play as abyssian, which is the only faction I play.
I like the rewards gauntlet gives me, bunt I don’t enjoy it as I’m not able to play the game the way I like it.


Daily routine Gauntlet-wise :

  1. check daily quests
  2. if daily quest requires 4 matches with a faction I don’t play/like : buy a Gauntlet ticket
    2.1 if faction is available in Gauntlet : build a deck and play (just requires 1 victory to complete quest)
    2.2 if faction not available, go back to quests and reroll the faction one (if still not doable, keep gauntlet open for later)


Don’t hold me to it, but I think it’s about 25 spirit, 25 gold, a spirit orb and a common card? Something like that?
You always get at least 1 spirit orb in any case.


i mentioned it in the video, at around 5 minutes mark. i’ve recorded all my gauntlet runs including rewards, you can check out the sheet here:


that’s very unfortunate, i love gauntlet exactly because it “forces” me to play different factions. there are sooo many cards in duelyst, i don’t want to see the same 20 all the time ^^


Maybe they can copy Faeria’s “mini-Gauntlet” where once a day a player can register for free but with lowered win-lose cap and lowered prizes. In Gauntlet, a run usually finishes with 12 wins or with 3 loses, but in mini-Gauntlet it will end in 4 wins or 2 loses instead. This will encourage players, especially new and those who are not very good in gauntlet, to try this mode and to get experience while practicing without costing them anything. Since most players don’t want to do gauntlet because they felt that they will only waste gold compared to buying packs directly.


Yea. I guess I’m stubborn like that, but I really fell for the shadow creep
mechanic. I do realise it would give me better insight in the different
factions and their playstyles, but I’m not a hardcore player and value
having fun by being able to play the faction I enjoy the most over the
rewards gauntlet gives me.
I like the game well enough and if I really want something I’d be glad to
pay some money for it rather than having to grind gauntlet to optimise
gold/spirit gain.


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