I want to play Creep Cassy, but IDK where and how to start


It’s all in the title !
What cards to get first?
What cards are staples?
What cards are “meh” ?

If anyone could give an estimation of how much spirit I’d need to have all Creep cards, I’d be thankful :wink:

I just got Grandmaster Variax so I guess it’s a start.
But that’s one of 3-4 Abyssian cards I have. Help me!


Lemme give u the list of all creep cards that are necessary for the deck i wont list the amount of the cards needed ill just give the names.

Abyssal Crawler
Abyssal Juggernaut
Shadow Sister Kelaino
Spectral Revenant
Sphere of Darkness
Void Pulse
Daemonic Lure
Punish (Whenever you get it from Bloodborn)
Shadow Nova (Great with Variaxx)
Rite of the Undervault
Obliterate (In my Opinion Optional)


Abyssal crawler and Ooz will be your main creep generators alongside your BBS. Next, abyssal jugernaught is always the best budget-creep win condition, and after that I would have at least 1 obliterate and 1 ghost azalea for better flexibility in your creep decks. If you have leftover dust, I would recommend crafting klaxon, although she isn’t really a necessity, but can be really good for filling the board with creep tiles.


And you all forgot Spectral Revenant, the most broken card in the faction lol.

Also, dunno if these decks run Rite but that might also be an idea.


Should I get 2 of each for Obliterate, Ghost and Spectral? Or 1 is enough?


I’ve seen people prefer 1 Oblit and 2 Azalea.
3 Rev always, no point in having any less


Keilano is really expensive to craft, but she is extremely strong. If you find yourself getting enough value and board control but are dying just before you can close out the game then Keilano is the answer to that. On a good turn she will heal you for like 4 HP, and then demand removal otherwise she will continue to do so for the rest of the game. Having 2 or even 3(never against plasma storm) can heal you ridiculous amounts. I have had games where I was at like 2 HP, then healed up to full after being able to wall myself off with my own units.


Okay, thanks for all the advice guys. Now onto a trickier question :
How do I get all that spirit? Already 1800, but that’s barely enough for Kelaino.


You get kelaino from crafting rares like all the other sisters. crafting cards you need already gets you points to kelaino. You can just get azaleas, revenants, and obliterate whenever you find the spirit(even if it’s just 1 of each). I would say craft any card From that list above before crafting klaxon

Juggernaut, kelaino, crawler, and ooz are the backbone of any creep deck while lure, revenant, sphere, and rite are great in any abyss deck.


Just made Kelaino. I’ll go for a “budget” creep then as I wait.


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