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I want to make a deck with three icebreak ambushes but I'm bad at making Vanar decks

Please help this poor soul by suggesting a deck that might actually be competitive, that isn’t some kind of crazy combo, I can’t pilot those for crap. I want to see this card really go off, even if it’s just the infiltrators playing goalie while Faie warbirds the other guy to death or something. Assume spirit cost isn’t an issue.

The easiest place it can fit is in a dedicated vespyr deck:


That’s basically my Heavy metal Kara list from my master thread which proved to be quite effective. Its just -3 Crystalline Reinforcement, +3 Ambush. Both of which are a bit situational anyways. Heck I may even have to give this version a whirl as Ambush has the potential to be better then Reinforce, but it does change how the deck works a bit.


The next place it could probably fit is in an Avalanche deck. Something I have long wanted to make work, but it just always ends up awkward, so this is mostly a theory craft, but it does have potential.


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Apparently, much like nitroglycerin explodes at the drop of a hat, @deathsadvocate makes decks given the slightest excuse. I approve.

Maybe I’ll have to try the Heavy Metal varient. I originally gave it a pass because I felt like it didn’t have enough minions for me/wasn’t straightforward enough for me (I’m incompetent at piloting anything that isn’t really simple), but I feel ambush is probably less situational than reinforcement and having them gets the effective minion count up there, so maybe I’ll try it out. Think I have all the cards…

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