I think we got too many key terms


Hello guys
Key terms means for example ranged provoker etc.

We all know every class has a special key term that only belongs to there class but i have come to notice that we have more than enough key terms and they should actualy stop adding key terms and start adding new effects which are unique in there own way

Key terms which we got:
dying wish
back stab
force field
bloodsurge (yet to be released)

So i have done some thinking and im fine with this amount of key terms but i think duelyst should put some work and making some more card sub types we only got golems and it would be good to make card effects that are orientated around card sub types moreover i think the adding of rebirth to magmar was kind of unnecessary since they grow and are not in the key for another key term.

My final thoughts

It would be really nice if duelyst tries to work around the terms we got and make more fun mechanics without adding more key terms


How do you know when there are too many? I think there aren’t enough.


Since soon every class is gonna have 2 key terms which kind of really much and im comparing it a bit to other online tcg games
but for example if duelyst does something like wild format and standard it would be fine moreover is also heavily effect the meta game play and in general the game play of the game


It seems to me that keywords generally serve one function, so I’m wondering what other ways they could be improved?

I think there’s already significant synergy between keywords, like combining them into one unit-- and I’d love to see more units that combine key words in unique ways.

But honestly, I wouldn’t mind having more. It’s not like I have to memorize key words and combinations, like I might have to with a real life card game. I love the flexibility with how the game is laid out right now. More key words (as long as it maintains the balance) would only add to the game depth, in my opinion.

Also, even if more units with the same key words were released, it might not be enough to prevent the meta from going stale for some players.


well i think combining keywords would be nice


So do you think there’s too many keywords or are you fine with the amount of keywords in the game?

But yeah, I guess having more tribes wouldn’t hurt. As long as it’s not oversaturated. I fail to see the correlation between the two though.


im fine with the amount of key terms right now but in the future i mean will be really much


Have you played Magic? They introduce new keywords every 2 minutes.


Bro. Arcanysts. It’s a thing. Ever heard of Mechaz0r? He… was a thing.


What is clarity?


He misspelled cele… Oh shit, he didn’t, celerity already is on the list. Yeah, what is clarity?


They add diversity to the game so no, there will never be too much of them.


Exactly! Was going to post just this!

Yes, there’s isn’t nearly enough keywords yet :smiley: Go diversity! :smiley:



Primus fist and Shieldmaster
Sworn defender and avenger
Blaze hound and fireblaze
Azure shaman and Herald
Replace minions

Some of these may never get more but you can see they are tied together.It wouldn’t be shock more minions from these themes and them working together.


Magic has approximately 5,313,308,786,542 keywords and is still released one every 10 minutes.


He mightve meant the healyonar thing “whenever x is healed, do x” which a lot of healyonar players refer to as “purity”


Today I learned.


I think more key words is always more better, however in future expansions I would rather see more TRIBES. Like goloms, which have very little support, I want to see more tribes like that and support for the existing ones


Clearly you have never read the healyonar thread op. This is my purpose, to educate uneducated sarcastoxic weebs like yourself. Youre welcome. bows

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Since this is a digital card game, the terms say what they do when you hover over them. This makes it not too big of a deal if we have a lot of key terms.

This is ironic since MTG, a primarily physical card game, has tons more keywords, with many of them being absurdly silly, like Horsemanship.