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I think I quit duelyst


A compilation of images, expressing a larger part of my experience in this game. I cannot use words to articulate it, however the unspoken language of shared experience is something we all understand.

Let me communicate my career in salt and duelyst (sometimes I deliver the bullshit, this is not purely “I get all the bad luck BabyRage”)

(on 2 cards)


(digging for my first juxta)

I have only had 5 hours sleep and not much to eat so I might re think it later, but for now. The salt stops here


Edit: I am honestly overwhelmed by the positive responses from everyone here. Thank you so much guys <3



Don’t quit! Pleaseeeee.
Remember that friendly match we played and I barely beat you? That was an amazing game. Not gonna lie, I’ve faced similar situations, I have died to a turn 3 double divine bond on tombstone (DB is so stupid broken).
You just gotta have faith man, CPG will fix it at some point, or if you do tilt off the ladder, just take a break, it’s OK to not play Duelyst for a week because you’re sick of losing to all the unfair brain dead stuff Lyonar and Magmar get to throw at you.


The salt will always be there, learning how to deal with it is an aspect of gaming <3.
If you ever need someone to rage at, I’ll be here to listen.



Appreciate the words fam


No problem, I wont stop spittin em out
I am a Vet main, always have been, always will be so yeah, believe me, I feel the salt.


those are everyday games, when I die to a top decked third shadow nova on the first 9 mana turn with my lethal in hand I go from LMAO to “I have to show this replay to the world (my friends)”. Obviously I stop playing for a while (3-4 days) when I get too much wtf loses in a row, then everything returns to normal.


Well, you could like take a break until expansion hits. At least that’s what I’d do. Lost ton of games myself to various stuff, and games are sometimes stale, but I still return to it. Love the game.

Would be a shame if you left. I recall playing with you couple of times. Fun games those were.


Thanks for the tears I was thirsty :kissing_heart:

More seriously, I share with you the frustration of loosing to a random card combination that kills you out of nowhere without anything you could have done to prevent it. In my opinion there is too many of those effect in Duelyst, whether it is shadow nova (getting replaced by obliterate), tiger, rush minions, spirale technique. It is very frustrating and doesn’t make the game more interesting.

I suggested in the topic “fixing saberspine tiger” a solution to nerf rush minions, I would personally like cards like spirale technique to get reworked. Finally I would like CP to give us more ways to interact with those kind of things (counterspell, discard, specific hate…).

It is not a matter of balance but for a matter of enjoyment.

If this aspect of the game tilt you that much, I would advice you to at least wait for shim’zar and see if CP can do something about it.


Death is always just around the corner, be ye 5 health or 20.

Image courtesy of Kineticats™.


Oh man I should get back into this, so I can do this to other people

(implied sarcasm)



That moment when Vanar SoTW blood taura in one turn. FeelsBadMan


Somedays are like that the other day I went 11-2 in ranked played the next day 3-6 it’s gonna happen. One thing that keeps me going is watching twitch and seeing some extremely better players than myself go through the same rough times. Chin up man losing is a lesson learned it’s just Somedays class runs a little long :face_with_head_bandage:


To be fair, I also played for fun.

Just not possible when every ace in the sleeve also deals 20 to your face


I’ve played you a couple times you’re a good player I wouldn’t hang up the gloves just yet


Can someone explain that “salt” expression here please ?

I feel so old :frowning:


It’s just a gaming expression that signifies disbelief and frustration that something happened simply because luck and fate favoured the other guy slightly more.


From what I see, Counterplayed as been inspired by topdeckedlethal’s screenshots and created the 5gold daily challenge from them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

… or maybe it’s something supposed to happen regularly in Duelyst ?


Or just complaining in general :>

@nwardezir Most of these are combos that can be seen pretty often from my experience.


It is something that happens a lot, is it supposed to? I dont know. Do I think it should? heck no, Kara is one of the more antifun generals IMO, esp because of buffed cats (couldnt say Kineticats cause someone copyrighted it xD)