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I think I have a non-swarm/mythron Brome list I like now


Basically just wanted a reason to play Marching Orders. Mostly just a slightly-interesting Aggro deck that hates on spell-heavy decks with a passion. Also showed me how good Lasting Judgement is, being a simpler version of Thumping Wave and also the main reason I don’t really need Divine Bond.


You should be playing the new gryphon fledgling, a 5/3 flying zeal unit makes for a formidable foe. (And the zeal makes it synergize with M.orders)


He’s an option for sure, though I think I ended up Tahr’s slightly sturdier body and frenzy helps with swarm a little. Tahr doesn’t die to Lure + General Punch, Phoenix Fire or Khanuum Ka and turns into a 4/6 frenzy with MO and can even turn into a 5 dmg frenzy possibly with Lasting Judgement. Gryphon just doesn’t have as many upsides I don’t think. Though I suppose if one wanted he’d work as well.


Id have to agree with the assesment that tahr is better in this deck than gryphon. Gryphon is much better in hard tempo or aggressive decks.


Reminds me off

Rest in piece ironcliffe heart and afterblaze :frowning:
Lets see if this deck ends up as a solid replacement.

BTW:If i play tahr i would add magnetize and if i already have that in the deck i would also add thunderhorn.


Magnetize might be cool? I’ve never played with the card personally though I can see the point of it as cheap removal as well as sudden extra damage but I just simply never got around to trying it.

And Thunderhorns would probably replace the Solpiercers if you were to put it in. Solpiercer is a situational card and if anyone wanted to the swap could be plenty justified. It’s probably more reliable but I have a fondness for the Archer.


Solpiercer + Aegis or Marching orders is a wincon. I think you underestimate it.


If I didn’t give it value I wouldn’t have kept it in the deck, though maybe I’m not giving it enough credit. In any case though since Archer isn’t that strong by herself then I don’t think I’d ever bump her up to 3, at least not with the deck as tempo-centric as it is.

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