I suffer from Songhi in Gold Division. Need some help


I inspired by Midrange Starghorn Deck.

I lost all game against Songhi.
And Taygete doesn’t seems fit in this deck.
What should I do?


I can’t really say as to why you’re having trouble with Songhai specifically, but I have some comments on your deck in general.

Your deck seems to be way too unfocused. You’re using Starhorn with a lot of card draw, but only have 2 Vindicators and no Visionars? You don’t seem to be running enough low-drops to account for all that card draw. You’re running fractal replication but since you have no Flash Reincarnation it might be difficult to pull it off on a decent target. Also no Elucidator for the OTK? I don’t know why you have Nature’s Confluence, there’s no synergy for it and it’s generally not only a one-of.

You’ve gotta pick a playstyle and stick with it. You could go for battle pets and stick in more Nature’s Confluence, a lot of cheap battle pets, some battle pet synergy and Mandrake as a late game huge tempo swing. I’d remove cards like Fractal and Plasma storm if you do that. You could go for draw synergy, adding in the third Vindicator and three Visionars, add in Flash Reincarnations to cheapen your curve and maybe add in the flash-elucidator-fractal OTK. Or you could switch to Vaath and run a more vanilla deck.

My guess as to why your deck is unfocused is because you’re short on gold and spirit. If that’s the case I’d go with a more vanilla Vaath deck. You can still stick in good cards like your 3x Gro and Inquisitor Kron. I don’t know how good Mandrake is but he’s worth trying out.


Thx you for your answer.
I got better understanding about Starhorn.
I’ll try both OTK deck and Vaath Deck.