I suck hard with songhai


Overall I suck hard with Songhai. My win ratio with this faction should be like, less than 10%. So here I am asking for suggestions. How to play Songhai correctly and how to build a Songhai deck properly?


I play it best when I have a control mentality, mixing in going face with some burst.

From my experience, it’s about patience and when to pull the triggers from your hand.


Today is just not my day :slight_frown:


Deck you running?


I was so mad I deleted my Songhai decks.


i find songhai as a great faction although the overall gameplay will punish you hard for misplays given almost every dmg. Output is created of two cards or more.

So - 1. Positioning is key, learn to position according to the you’ll get punished most of the time for positioning.
2. learn to develop a board even if it takes a turn or two don’t send your minions in until you have a solid back up.
3. create the burst with the most damage - you’ll know when you’re ready.
4. Draw and decklist.
a good draw engine is extremely recommended for these plays when you throw everything for 20 dmg. And yet need to deal with the last 5 hp remaining.
Decklist is up to you and your playstyle.
Me i really enjoy the move/backstab kaleos it is a hard one but really satisfying (think of 17 dmg to the face out of the blue, yep… it is fun)

If you need me i’ll be in my cave.


Coming from maining Aggro Magmar. It is so hard to adjust to using songhai.


The reason is and i’m sorry but Magmar is brainless


For magmar, the board is something you want something less of


Songhai are hard to play and not very strong at the moment, might be the weakest faction, not sure.

Positioning is key. You need to avoid unnecessary damage while keeping your minions alive and removing his. Opponent will try to kill yours, if you manage to get a board, you have a good chance to win. It isn’t easy though.


Define weakest.

I think you meant the hardest, there’s no weakest at duelyst given the board and the versitality of the decks you can build.
And the fact that the meta does’nt define anything

Anyway, a good songhai player will jump on a mistake that you made and punish you for 10+ face dmg.
The problem is to keep your wheels running to the late game which is also a matter of expirience.

Just enjoy the ride m8


Honestly, I sucked before I figured it out too. Can I see your deck? Because your deck may lack draw, and that would make anyone suck. Also, instead of focusing on face what you’re going to need to do is rely on Ki Beholders, Phoenix Fires, buffs, and your Heartseekers to control the board. Once you have an advantage then go face. All the times I’ve lost where when I prioritized face over board, at which point the minions became stickier and stickier. Also remember to hold your hand until you get a HUGE combo. Don’t blow it all on the first turn.


Spellhai is a tier-1 deck right now. They are one of the best in the meta. Certainly better than Vetruvian too.


Rule munber one for songhais:
Board board board.


No, you have to drop 10+ face sometimes. Mostly once you’ve established board.


That’s what i meant you establish a board, only then you create dmg.
I myself like to create this dmgs when the opponent is over defensive over aggro and misplay.
Board control is by any means songhai most importent aspect.


I haven’t been dominated by songhai this season yet.
They manage to get some wins yes but not something too impressive.
Most of the time they just run out of cards when i stull have about 20 hp and cleared all their minions while have some myself.
I do play mostly lyonar currently so it might be the reason.

I was surprised by vetruvians in positive manner, had some challenging matches against vetruvians like amoore27 and few others. Maybe i just haven’t been matched against good enough songhai yet.


man its really hard to help you if you dont post any deck list how about just watch some replays? here this is my channel


Make a decklist here. Then we’ll be able to help so much more.


Assuming you’re talking about backstab songhai, I’m kind of surprised no one’s mentioned this yet, though to be fair, I didn’t really think of it until I changed my perspective towards gimmick (Syvrel the Exile).

TLDR - Repulsor Beasts

In the words of Owen Smith from Zoolander, “You gotta open your mind.” The idea isn’t that you have to get behind them, but that they get behind you.

Here’s a pretty dirt cheap start.

Ranged provides support, distraction and dispel bait. Mantella provides some card draw (can swap to Blaze Hound, Void Hunter or Spell Jammer). Ki Beholder can drop down to Widow Maker if poor.

Step 1: Turn 1, keep backstab minions out of reach from opposing general and already spawned minions.

Step 2: Use repulsor beasts to place enemy minions behind your backstabs.

Step 3: Profit

Actual step 3: start to get another minion or two onto the board. you’re sitting well if you got 3 or 4 up. If you look to backstab the general, see if you can place another backstab minion behind that one after.

Don’t waste all your cards to kill the first two minions or to get double inner focus backstab IE. You’ll run out of cards/gas.

There’s a great car metaphor here somewhere, but I can’t seem to think of it. :slight_smile: Hope this gets you started.