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I reworked deck a little bit


I reworked one deck a little bit and i don"t know is it good

i + 2 Grandmaster Kraigon but -1 saurian finality and -1 Armada .
Btw i’m gold 8 and i open to advice


That is exactly an oldschool version of one of my old go to decks, and it would likely still serve you quite well today. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion you may have found this on one of my older master threads :P. However there have been a few things on it that have changed overtime. Back when Sunsteel had four attack it was crazy good for the deck, but now that it has three and dies to plasma storm it is no longer good and is generally substituted with abjucator in order to ramp Finality quickly these days.

Grandmaster Kraigon is generally considered to slow and since you want to be playing finality it is unlikely you will ever have the mana to play him so I advise against playing both him and finality in the same list.

Here is my modern day version of the deck:

Now if you have your heart set on Grandmaster you could try something like this:



Imo, grandmaster is only worthwhile in Apex lists…given my near-zero Magmar experience :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t you get to S-rank with a Vaath Smash list? :smiley:


That’s why it’s not exactly zero, but a bit higher :grin:


thanks for this deck image
i realy useful for me
Thanks very much i hit diamond with this deck .
I hit diamond but i can hit nay more rang somebody have tips for me and for this deck
Btw how i need change this deck to give apex


Apex is a different deck altogether. It’s not cheap either, so are you sure you want to go for it?


Yes i’m sure about this


For an Apex list, Starhorn is your General, so you might want to get Decimus. A third Kraigon is ideal, and you’ll need other big minions like Meltdown, Juggernaut, or Worldcore. I’m no Magmar expert so I can’t give you more specific advice.


Thanks for this but i forgot say i on magmar never change my general bcs i love vaath then i think i will back to saurian finality thanks all for help me

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