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I realized the devs just trolled us last patch



Magmar used to be like this. Harmless. A little annoying. Sorta plump, like vaath. And pretty cool. But then, we got this.

Thats right. Magmar evolved. And guess what? At the very same time, we got this bad boy.


Thats right, this bad boy.

Foreshadowing much? Magmar also evolved. It has transcended a balanced faction, and become cancer incarnate. Just in case you didn’t know, I’m the prophet of the church of magmar, and i predicted this all along, hahahahahahahahhahahaha.


Magmar was never cool. They actually have 0 interesting cards. Except Morin.


Ragnora and decispikes are what makes magmar cancer


Eh. whatever. ignore this.


i don’t get it.


Apex is imo one of the coolest cards in the game. But I get what you’re saying, creative cards and synergies have never been Mag’s strong point.


you can do a bit more than imagined with magmar


And Magmortar is still absolute shite.


I know this is a joke, but the devs trolled us almost every expansion. Just check out the nerf history.

Somewhere: 4/6 Kron, draw a card Mana Vortex

Rise of the Bloodborn: 4 damage Entropic Gaze, 7 mana Variax, 0 mana Inner Focus, 0 mana Slo

Ancient Bonds: Double Flash Juggernaut, 4/9 Lavaslasher, 3 mana Thumping Wave, 2/5 Kelaino, 4/3 Windblade Adept, 3 mana Enfeeble, 1/3 Circulus, 777 Meltdown

Unearthed Prophecy: Probably had the least nerfs, the only ones I remember are 0 mana Azure Summoning and +2 attack Phantasm

Immortal Vanguard: 3 mana Rebuke, 7 mana Finality, 6 damage Lost In The Desert

Trials of Mythron: 2 mana Aspect of Shimzar, 4/5 Thunderhorn, Strategos, 3/1 Desolator, DDOS Meditate, 4 mana Accumulomnimbus

Right when I started: October Reva
Rise: Mag broke the game
Ancient: Mag broke the game and then Arcanyst Vanar broke the game
Prophecy: I dont really remember, Vet strong probably maybe
Vanguards: Mag broke the game
Mythron: Strategos broke the game, and now Ragnora with Zoetic and stuff broke the game, also Fault Kha somewhere

Ive been disillusioned with CPG’s capacity of creating a balanced expansion since Rise, and Rise was my first expansion

leave my Tiger alone


There are ways to make it interesting, even if the cards are all pretty straight forward. When you instantly walk forwards and skip turn 1 with no replaces as Wizard or Keeper, thats when the fun begins.


Todays meta is a lot more balanced that some metas we had in the past. Actually very few meta was as good as This one


I personally like tier 0 meta games.

Also gonna fix some things:
Ancient Bonds: Forcefield prisoner Kron and Katara
Unearthed Prophecy: Open meta

Draw a card Mana Vortex was alive for a LONG time.


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