I never enjoy the game as much as I was after draw one patch


I think it is almost a year after they released that patch. I know that there is no way they are not going to revert this.

I am not hear to say that farewell and quit playing. I have already played this game less and less over this time.

I am grad that I have opportunity to play the game when it was in beta. It was digital ccg that I like the most.

I like that the game tend to be longer because we both keep drawing answer to enemy threat.

I like that we keep flooding the board and the game feel more tactical that way.

I like that combo deck is playable even many players really not like it.

I like that our decks was so consistent.

I like that there was no timer cards like Variax and Warbird

I have tried to play this game after the patch. I hit high rank a few times and hit S-rank once after that draw one patch.

I admit that card diversity is better after the patch but my enjoyment never get any better. I gave it many chance but I still do not enjoy it as much as I was.

Most of people here might disagree and it is totally fine. I believe that many players who feel the same as me are not around here anymore.


Not sure you’ll get a lot of sympathy. Drawing two cards every turn just makes the game into an aggro-fest, since it’s already an aggressive game to begin with. It’s perfect the way it is, with control just viable enough to compete while keeping the game fairly fast paced.


The game was slower with draw two. Sound weird, right?

But it was really slower.


I feel you a bit man, I really missed 2 card draw when it left. The game just didn’t feel as fun without it, it felt too slow and boring. But the more I’ve played since the more I realize this is better for the game, and even though interesting positions don’t happen as much each play you make matters more.


Maybe that’s…because of how the cards were themselves back then? I feel like drawing two cards in today’s meta would just make it even faster. I’m kinda new so I can’t speak for how it was back then.


I think it was more the cards, honestly. But when you drop 2 cards per turn there’s a lot of cheaper minions on the field, meaning you can get a big board fast, meaning control is a bigger aspect of the game. Each turn becomes more about minion trading than face damage


the game will be even slower now if the game never adds any cards.


Yeah Yeah Iove 2 card draw but there was no way in hell the game could be balanced in state.The game would always be one card away from ridiculous unbalance state .Someone would say how is that different from now ,duelyst then had a level consistency no card game ever had right now for example you can not draw a Variax and be screwed,You make more ridiculous cards because simple you wont draw them but anyways Lets praise 2 card draw

In 2 card draw

-You had decks that always did what you want them to do,There is nothing like playing a deck and it work almost always the way you wanted.

-All decks types was in play in 2 card draw,Control decks existed because you could consistently find your removal and the game had a solid healing minion.Combo decks existed because well as mentioned before you could consistently find your cards.

Those 2 things made duelyst more fun than any other card I have played even with the flaws of two card draw.


I remember those days, also helped that most of the aggressive cards that are out today were not around back then. Also remember that games use to swing a lot more, so at one point you may be running for your life and then 2 turns later your opponent was running for their own life. Certainly kept the generals moving around the board in the hopes of being able to swing the game back into their favour.


I played back then as well, and quite frankly I enjoy 1 draw far more than 2 draw, I’m sorry you don’t feel the same. There are a few things I want to bring up in discussion of 2 draw.

-Everyone back then had to run 3 Emerald Rejuvenators and 3 Healing mystics no matter what deck you ran. Why? Because Songhai with with consistent two draw was prone to one shot you if you didn’t. It wasn’t a rare site to see stuff like Inner focus, Killing Edge, Saberspine Seal, Saberspine Seal, and boom you’re dead because 2 draw lets Songhai consistently draw their combo pieces.

-Because everyone has an answer, threat based factions like Vetruvian and Abyssian are not allowed to exist. Both only became relevant when they got overpowered cards, old Portal Guardian, old Nightsorrow, all variants of Third Wish, Time Maelstrom, etc. And ran deck with very little faction synergy, after Third Wish got changed to blast Vet literally did not play any of their faction minions because everyone has a dispel(Only Aymara and maybe Scarab made it into some decks) and Abyssian for a long time was confined to the pure burn decks even when old Shadowcreep was a thing.


Everyone back then ran 3 copies of Healing Mystic and 3 copies of Emerald Rejuvenator in every deck because 2 draw Songhai was thing which slowed down the game quite a bit. Also finishers were quite rare back then, now factions have stuff like Obliterate, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak, Variax, Drogon, Faie BBS, Vaath BBS, etc. Things that allow you to close out the game once you’re ahead, but back then finishers were relegated to mostly Songhai(Spiral Technique.burst combo) and Vanar(Jax+Razorback) so closing out games for most factions consisted of beating down with a lot of minions.


I joined the game after the change.

But with the cards that exist now i don’t think it’s good to draw two cards instead of one.

Mostly thinking about faction like vetruvian who would become really underpowered and fated to be stomped by almost everything,
And faction like songhai or even vanar that in one case would be too much damage and in the other a nevending s**tstorm of dispel, damage and kitties


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