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I need your help!


Can someone pls help me find a competitive deck for vanar or songhai that costs 4k spirits or slightly higher, because when i dot have a deck for those faction so i always end up getting rekt in ladder when i do daily quest, any help is greatly appreciated


What is your favorite play style? High synergy, Combo, Aggro, tempo, other?


i like all playstyle, ill gladly accept any help even a wandere deck(dont kill me)


I’m not the top level Vanar player here (far from it!) but here are a couple of decks custom built with your 4K budget.

Calling @snowshot and @deathsadvocate for comments & options! :slight_smile:


You could try this one :wink:

You might switch jammer with blaze hound if you dont have it. You could also remove the “movement” cards and make it plain aggro by using primus fist, snowpiercers and such


Thanks a lot @bepoest and @melkorita for help imm just wait a little longer before i finally decide which to craft.


Go to the wiki and look at the tierlists, decklist collections and the decklists in the songhai and vanar factions. It is also worth to take a look at Duelspot


I’ve been meaning to post some more budget-y lists, and you’ve inspired me to do so! Check out aggro Kaleos and combo Arcanysts on Duelspot. In particular, I recommend the Kaleos list: I’ve been playing it a decent amount on ladder and having a lot of fun and success with it.


In the first one I find wailing overdrive needs a bit more support, you need stuff like gravity well, jaxi, freeblade and the like. And skipping Hate Wisp seems criminal. Otherwise it seems like a sollid enough tempo list.

The second one also looks sollid, not to different from how I run things. Definitely not sold on Naga though, Skorn is rude with walls and isn’t just strong overall, but neither are really needed since Kara makes walls good on her own.

But regaurdless they aren’t pretty decent stepping stone budget lists for newish people to start expanding with once they have a littleness burn of resources to work with.

I’m a bit tied up now, but I can probably put something together later if he still needs it. My tempo Faie fits the bill pretty well.


actually i still haven’t crafted any card with my spirits


Its only a little over budget, but pretty close to what you need. Sunset Paragon can be subbed for a cheap card like blades or the like if your short on spirit.


Thanks guys i decided to go with tempo faie


tbh whatever you put in beyond this is trivial. instaS


Why just 8 though? :thinking:


I mixed the decks and im really loving the thunderhorn and aspect combo


because 9 is too many

how did that happen wtf


What is your current list I’m curious?


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