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I need some fun deck ideas. I don't care if they aren't the best. I just want them to be fun


You could be right.

I may also be underestimating how much rust accumulates in a month off. I keep making spectacularly bad plays.


Your deck looks great. I can’t play it. I get demolished every time I try.

It’s obviously me, but I don’t know what it is.

I just got absolutely nuked by some Abyssian rebirth deck. Anyone got a good deck for that? Maybe a change of scenery would help.



I don’t have a deck list on hand (currently on mobile, no access to my computer), but I do have a few suggestions that may help :slight_smile:.

  • try teching in a few light benders to deal with shadow creep tiles, buffed wraithlings, decimus, and Vaath
    -I’ve started to see a lot of Revas, most likely as a way to counter most aggressive decks like Starhorn, Vaath, and other oppressive aggro decks, which could be a good counter to this meta.
    -Healyonar could also be a good option due to their new and old healing capabilities while still being able to deal a reliable amount of burst damage.

For the rebirth deck, I wouldn’t go to heavy on Gor (being a battle pet makes them a lot less reliable, sarlac is a lie better), and lurking fear us a must. The new horror would also be a good addition in conjunction with Lilithe, as you can guarantee most of the time you will have a minion to make a 6/6. Healing is also an important component, especially in this type of deck, so Kelaino, mystic/herald, and spectral blade all will help with sustainability (and void pulse is you so choose).


Thanks, but I think it’s too late for me. I went away and came back and cannot adjust to what the game is now. Sad as it will make me, I probably will have to move on to something else, because I just am not enjoying this at all. It doesn’t matter what the deck is, it’s all the same. I’m sure much of it’s my own lack of skill and tilted attitude right now, but it doesn’t matter if it’s not fun, and it’s not.

Good luck to all of you.


I made but hadn’t tested this slightly memey list.

Krazed and some other people have meltdown lists, could try those too. Krazed spends time on Discord, so you can probably hit him up there.


Surely outdated, but exactly on topic :

Maybe it may inspire you with some RotB rework …


Try a grinder type Lilith deck with no win conditions, bloodmoon priestess, and all the heals you can cram in there (shadow sister + Shadowdancer is a delightfully evil combo). I have had a decent win rate at low S and won many deliciously evil victories after being brought down to <10 health.


Oh yeah, I have a deck like that. Sooooo much fun. I put in a Shadow Watcher and Variax though.


Here are some of my less meta decks:

ARGEON “Dank Hart”

Look for opportunities to drop Hank in range of attacks. He’s hard to kill with combination melee attack damage.

CASSYVA “Miscalculation”

I got really sick and tired of all the massive draw aggro with all the Tectonic, Trinity, Spelljammer, etc. so I made this deck. =S This is heavy on the bluff to play. Might take a while to get used to the playstyle. What you want to do is to make your opponents miscalculate how aggressive they can be against this. It’s funny how often they chase you into a corner only to realize too late that they are not the aggressor anymore and it’s too late to run away. =S

SAJJ “Pauperbot 7-8”

I had to play factions I didn’t normally play on my F2P accounts this season due to the Frostfire quest and the need for more Gold to unlock all 13 RotB orbs, so I went through several iterations of “How to win with no good Vetruvian cards” decks. There were several pretty good versions, but this was the latest, which I kind of stumbled upon when one of my F2Ps didn’t have Autarch’s Gift yet.

Eventually I found that I too often was still dropping Mechs by 6, so Autarch was dropped for 7 (Noth) and 8 (Meltdown) instead. This is another deck where you have to pay attention to when to switch gear. The late game is strong, so while you can burst for the kill early quite easily, you do not have to. If you have to run away, run away. You are more than capable of winning the late game with this.


Thanks for the suggestions I really do appreciate it.


Heard you wanted a collection of decks? Perhaps…a compendium? (It has competitive decks as well as fun decks. Besides, who said the two can’t be mutual?)

Click here if you want to MAKE KARA GREAT AGAIN!


If you want a non meta deck you can try this Sajj list, I used it from 3 to 1 but then stopped because I kept getting matched against mag and tilted lol

The list includes healing and night watcher to make maggro easier. Don’t hesitate to play a shroud or herald in the back to protect nightwatcher from natural selection btw.
Grovekeeper is for lyonar obv.
Purple pony helps buying some time against awesome minions and is good removal against abyss in general .
Autarch gifts and meltdown are your wincons and give you extra damage to close games. Sometimes you have to make 50/50 gambles but whatever.
Divine spark is used late, playing it early just loses you tempo. You can use soj or another draw card if you want. I just wanted to try it.
And Zephyr just because he looks cool, he had some moments though, no one plays arounds frenzy vs vet, atleast I haven’t seen it yet. Worth case scenario you summon it in the back and your opponent wastes removal on it.


If you still haven’t defeated calculator then go ahead and make a battle pet deck. Nothing screams satisfying when you put down an 11/17 minion on mana 5 or 6 and it also helps teach you when to be conservative versus when to be less reserved about playing cards to save up for combos. So long as you aren’t in meta saturated diamond then any deck should be somewhat viable


That’s also great for the quest requiring you to destroy your enemies


You could try to bring back some battle pet.

Nobody plays battle pet and even less play Zukong the monkey that control battle pet.

Magmar battle pet (nature confluence)


Well, it doesn’t use RotB cards but, i made a magmar deck based on Abjudicator, Mana Forger, Summon Spells (Nature’s Confluence and Chrysalis Burst), and Lady Locke to make that minions +1/+1 + provoke, so you can make an Primus Shields + Celerity Pet version army xD.


Looks cool! I don’t have any Lady Lockes unfortunately. And I feel dirty using Burst.

Actually what I have my eye on now is some sort of Abyssian deck that is both fun and good. I know there are a few out there, just have to pick one to focus on.


A deck I’d recommend is the Control Sajj by @RyanH, you can find it in his thread. I just tested it and it’s quite fun. Most importantly, it does wreck Drawmar when getting a decent starting hand. Starhorn cannot survive all the removals and heals, if you bring the match to the late game you win spectacularly.


Love the idea of that deck but I probably don’t have the skill level right now to pull it off.

So I just finally broke down and crafted 3 Spectrals and played a couple of Cassy games. I think I’m going to enjoy embracing the dark side. :slight_smile:


Alright, picture this:


All 0-2 drop minions

3x Trinity Oath

3x Twilight Sorc

3x Bastion

I call it “Noah’s Ark” because you flood the shit out of your opponent