I need some fun deck ideas. I don't care if they aren't the best. I just want them to be fun


I recently returned to play and streaming after a week off and have so far not had the best experience due to being rusty and also due to what are (IMHO) so many overpowered decks using insane cards.

I don’t care about the ladder, I just want to have some fun and have some stuff to play on my stream that will be entertaining. I mean, I don’t want a 10% WR either, but I am not concerned with the meta or anything.

Suggestions? My traditional best factions have been Magmar, Lyonar and Vanar, but I’ve always wanted to get into Abyssian. (I’ve dabbled in Vetruvian, and I hate Songhai with the fire of a thousand suns.) I have a decent collection of cards, though I am missing a lot of Shim’zar legendaries and am not likely to want to craft them unless I feel I’ll get a lot of use out of them.

I normally prefer to make my own fun decks but I am too out of touch with the new cards since RotB right now.

Thanks for your suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’ll be streaming again tonight most likely, raising money for charity. (See my Intro post for details.)


Don’t wanna disappoint you, but as far as meme decks go, RotB hasn’t brought many new things to the table, since the cards are just way too good :confused:

Control Vanar is pretty fun though, with Meltdown as a wincon and concealing shroud + artifacts and stuff. New Swarm abyss is also insane fun, i’d recommend trying it, even though its for sure no meme. I personally also tried flying vetruvian, but is just a wierd deck, since it doesn’t have a real concept, at least when i built it.

Oh yeah, Control Songhai is a funny deck as well. Cobra Strike + Potatomancer + Meltdown are somewhat cool upgrades to the archetype, i am even using storm kage (een though he is still ass lol).

My Variax Cancer, no meme but fun and >80% winrate in middiamond.

The controlhai list, only used this for like 8 games or so, dunno the exact winrate, but i’d guess around 50%, if you wanna make it better get rid of Storm kage for another meltdown/spiral, but kage is gonna be sad :frowning:


BlowYourFaceOfftruvian. It’s still fun, especially with the new Autarchs Gifts and Divine Spark. For combos and draw.


Try out my wraithling synergy deck, it’s pretty fun and confuses people to no end. Plus it’s not actually a bad deck :smile:


Try playing EggMar, memes guaranteed nyahahahahahahahaha
I’ll post more relevant stuff later, not at home


Thanks for the replies. I likely don’t have the cards for anything Vetruvian.


You should try Solo or Combo Vaath, both got way better with the addition of Drogon. Wall Kara is also really fun and got lots of new tools, but I can’t say how good the new cards are right now as I wasn’t lucky enough to open them in my Orbs yet…


Sorry, but you can only choose one.


No, I don’t. If I want a deck with a 10% WR, I can do that myself.

Thanks for the ideas suggested so far, any links to specific decks would be appreciated. I’ll look for your deck gabriek (unfortunate that it doesn’t show the names of thread starters in the list but I’ll scan for your icon.)


It should just be a thread titled: the meme made real: Wraithling synergy


Solo Vaath! It can win games… probably


Try a solo faie deck, I made one (though it has like 7 minions) and when it works it is fun.

The core is concealing shroud and artifacts with nothing but spells. I added a few minions for utility like spell jammer and hearth sister, but that’s about it.


Oh I have many many many decks for you then, as this is the only way I play.

Lyonar: Go full on health-buff with 3x Bastion, 3x Auryn Nexus, 3x Radiant Dragoon, 3x Sun Elemental and of course 3x Divine Bond. Combo with celerity minions like Azurite Lion, Lysian Brawler and Dagger Kiri, or Beastmaster.

Songhai: Try going backstab to use some of the new cards: Masks of Shadows, Obscuring Blow, Twilight Fox, or try going full burn (just made the deck yesterday) with Whiplash, Geomancer, Cobra Strike, Lantern Foxes. I like both decks, they’re good fun.

Vetruvian: Can go ‘Pet Vet’ with Astral Floods, Golden Mantellas and Zukongs. Win con is a buffed Ion under your control, potentially with Rash-Nok for Quadruple damage :smiley:
Can also go pure flying deck, using Skywings to bring in Rash-Nok faster (this is actually a good deck, but still fun imo).

Abyssian: ‘Pure Creep’: Shadow Novas, Darkspine Elementals, Whips and Repulsors and Night Fiends (why am I giving away all my secret tech?), or try to set up the amazing Black Solus with Echoing Shriek and your own Opening Gambit minions (not sure that actually combo’s, this one deck I hadn’t included Echoing Shriek in, but bonus points if you make it work :D), Necrotic Sphere etc.

Magmar: Go eggs :D, or make a growth deck with Moloki’s :slight_smile:

Vanar: I currently have an all-minion deck with Kara with Alcuin and Tigers and Cryptographers to bring the ‘old Kara tigers’ back, with a twist. Actual win-con: Meltdown. Also features triple Sanguinar to get fun high-buffed Zyxes with Cryptographer.

Etc. etc. etc., I have sooo many ideas and made sooo many decks up until now: just take a (slightly) underused card you like/think is fun and think about how to make that card the champion :smiley:

Have fun!!!


This is a synergy I wanted to try since they raveled Thraex, I’m talking about buffing Optimus Jax. That actually can ba a pretty good deck to be honest.


Wouldn’t you also wanna run Razor Skin for that though?


Yeah, probably instead greater fortitude.


You can try Vanalanche Faie, it’s basically midrange with 2-3x avalanche/3x blazing spines/ 1x memerize/ 0-2x Paddo I don’t remember the decklist but here are some tips:

  • Try to keep the fight around the middle of the board
  • Once you have avalanche, zone out your opponent to your side, abusing snowchaser/placing spines. Playing a threat behind them or dragging the fight to your side also works but stay in a position where you can go back to the middle column.
  • Use mesmerize for middle campers or to move something that prevents you from coming back to the middle before avalanche
  • Paddo is for maximum memes, lategame paddo into avalanche can win
  • After 1 or 2 avalanches you should almost have lethal, if you don’t you can just walk away and spam your BBS

It obviously suffers from inconsistencies because there are card you can’t always use but it’s not too bad.

Edit:Something like this


This sounds interesting especially because I have always loved Avalanche and have been one of the few people to use it. But I’m a bit too clueless as to how to fill all that in, got a decklist perhaps? :slight_smile: Thanks.


This meme deck thing may be a bad idea. I am getting frustrated with losing even with good decks. I’ve only been back 2 days and bleh.


Just wanted to say you are great! So many nice ideas in this thread :slight_smile: