I need help with a Songhai deck


I am a currently low gold but have been in diamond in past seasons and need assistance with an Arcanyst Songhai deck, however I don’t have many Ancient Bonds cards and I am fairly new to the Archetype, I usually play a Vaath Smash variant.
Can you please show me any good Songhai decks you may be holding onto.
My deck so far is:
Kaleos Xaan
3x Kaido Assassins
3x Chakri Avatars
3x Pheonix Fires
2x Xho
2x Lantern Foxes
3x Prismatic Illusionists
3x Sparrowhawks
3x Twin Strikes
2x Cobra Strikes
3x Four Winds Magi
3x Owlbeast Sages
2x Firestarters
2x Geomancers
1x Hamon BladeSeeker
2x Eclipses
3x Calligraphers
I just realised I need more spells.


Hello! Before talking about the deck itself, you shall know that the antient bonds expansions has a lot of good cards for arcanyst, and old arcanyst is a little slow control archetype. I think, it can be hard to reach diamond with the old arcanyst deck verions. Also arcanyst is not easy to play and you will need to practice.

That said, if you still want to play arcanyst i’ve made 2 list for it. Kaleos verions is a little harder to play. Both list are theorycraft, but are based on the old decks i’ve played before the bloodborn expansion.

Owl Beast is your only best wincon, do not ever throw it first. Always bait for removals on lantern fox, dioltas or four winds magi.
You mostly skip turn one as player one, unless you have a chakri and you are sure it won’t die.
Heal yourself and try to get late game.
Juxtaposition is a tricky spell, can help you a lot. Use it wisely.
Onyx Bear Seal is a must have hard removal for big treats.
Killing edge works great with pretty everyting you have, if it survives.
Lightbender can be helpfull in the current meta.
The scientist is, probably, the reason why you play Kaleos over Reva, unless you do not like Reva at all.
Spiral techinque can work great as a finisher.

Reva have more ways to remove minions and that’s pretty much it. But since you want to play in late game, it might be better. Also her bbs is better.

Ancient Bonds arcanyst decks are much faster and, in my opinion, you shall work for those cards, if you want to play arcnyst. But if you want to reach diamond using songhai, probably will be much better to just use a control reva deck or a midrange kaleos.


So let’s take a better look at what we have here shall we.

Going by this list I’m going to making some assumptions, one of which is that you do not have Blue Conjurer and 2, that we’re working on a fairly small budget. Now it’s not in my nature to simply call a list bad and recommend a completely different one as we each approach deckbuilding differently and want to play with different cards, that said I think we can do a bit better.

Now what I’ve done here is smoothen out your curve somewhat and increased your spellcount a bit, now you are missing some power cards such as Juxtaposition to really get the most bang for your buck so I’d prioritize crafting those next.

I initially cut Eclipse simply for being too slow and not really being particularly good against the current metagame but that’s something you’re going to have to play around with.


Nah i do have Juxta, 2 copies. I realised it mas more minion Kaleos than Arvanyst Songhai. Although I don’t have Spiral Tech or Heavens Eclipse. Thanks for the decklist and the advice.


Thank you for the decklists and the advice. The Reva deck looks interesting and I’ll give it a shot when I have the Spirit for it.


I’m happy to help :slight_smile: Spiral technique is not a must have spell, and you can run Calligrapher instead of heaven’s eclipse. Try to play around it a little, starting with what eurasianjay has posted. The spell you absolutely need to play songhai is onyx bear seal, it goes quite in every deck, and i suggest you to craft it next, if you don’t have it still.


I Figure instead of opening another thread I might as well just use an old one. Anyways, I too need a little help with a Songhai deck.

It’s a Kaloes Mech deck and its pretty efficient, except for when it’s not. I was hoping i could get a few tweaks. I was thinking about Rexx.

Edit: I call this deck “Don’t Forget Your Basics” because it is so simple and yet so tricky.


What seems to be the problem woth the deck?
Also Alter Rexx isn’t too great, too slow and often only gives you one more Mechazor whixch you end up using at turn 5-6.


Some struggles with abyss in partucular. Everyone else (except faie who i haven’t seen) can pretty much be played.


How do you remove big threats?


Your list seems to be both control and aggro.
You could try to use Reva with that list. Deathstrike seal works better with her bbs, aswell as ancestral divination. Also cobra strike is a bit slow for your deck.

For Kaleos I’d take away lightning strike and deathstrike seal, and switch both cobra strike for 2 Onyx bear seal. Also 2-3 mist dragon seal can help you a lot. For the rest fill with available minions. You can try hamon for 5 slot or grandmaster zendo, if you have one.
On the other side you can go more aggro and place some Katara x3, and some other 2-drops minions.
Also switch ancestral divinatio with sojourner x3, or spelljammer, if you have.

Rexx feels more controlish, and you probably want to switch to a more control variant for it, probably, using Reva.


Generally with damage, usually.


The sojourner I can see being useful.

I don’t think Mist walking wouldn’t have tempo with this deck, because it’s a wasted card. The reason it’s called Don’t Forget Your Basics is because it is very basic, but Kaleos can always position better than you and that separates him from Revs here. So you don’t need the mist dragon. Occasionally it might be helpful, but generally having another card to hold or shuffle and just using BBS is better. Also buffing one minion too much is card waste because there a lot of single target removal.

And as far as the Songhai minions are concerned, what would you drop to add them? Katara would really bump heads in this deck. He’s cheap and healthy but requires a lot of positioning. Sword, Cannon and Helm take less positioning, which makes the BBS useful to them. Sword gets on a square that touched everything, Cannon can be moved just out of range etc. Hammon I could really see, but what could really be removed to place her?

I think this is a Control Deck, which is why the Rexx seems like a safe play. Bring out a second Mech, then just survive a turn.

Onyx Bear Seal I also can see.


Well, to be fair you don’t have to use Mist Dragon seal on an already buffed minion, you can use it in various situations in early game and as a finisher in late. But you have bbs, so as you wish.
Katara is very good for aggro, and requires the Mist Dragon Seals and your bbs. If you do not want aggro and do not want seals don’t add her.
You have 2 x Ghost Lightning and x2 Skorn, chose one, i’d say skorn. And you have 2x Deathstrike Seal and x2 Cobra strike, leave only 2 x Deathstrike seal or drop all and place 2x Onyx Bear Seal; And add some minions for the rest.
Mist walking isn’t really necessary, but if you like it, is ok.

Your deck is now is a midrange one and it is fine. Control might be a different list.
You want really to place your mech ASAP, because in late game there are more chances it is removed. The Mechazor card (token) worth 7 mana, but you want to win already by that time or be one step from it.
The best way is try it yourself if you want, but i do not recommend crafting the Rexx cards.


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