I miss Lady Locke


Is Lady Locke still deserving the nerf she received so long ago? Does she still provoke fear in the hearts of aggro decks? I miss her so much… please, counterplay, give the Lady mercy and revert the unnecessary nerfs!


What was she like before?

Also, I like Lady Locke in some Kara decks :slight_smile:


Apparently she was a 2/4 before. Going off that, I’m going to say she’s fine. She does well in Kara Wall decks.


Lady Locke being used in one poor deck is not evidence that she’s fine.

Having her single turn minion boosting ability and 2/4 stats were good back before the nerf (before BBS and the new generals) but not meta-warping.

I believe she was nerfed simply because there were not many strong 3 drops back then so many decks ran her because she smoothed out the curve and allowed for marginally stronger board positions in the mid-game. Now there are many viable choices in that slot, so the nerf seems unnecessary, and I just wish she could be brought back up to her former state because she allowed such fun combos with other minions.


She was a 2/4 with the same ability, but that’s not the important bit.

Lady Locke used to be like Inquisitor Kron; a powerful mid-game provoke available to all factions. Her Schtick was that she gave purpose to early game minions that were usually useless in the mid-late game. Every deck used to include her, except, who would have guessed it, aggro/ combo Songhai.

Lady Locke and 2 mana Sarlac used to be the backbone of every deck. Naturally, those who couldn’t afford them objected to this and severe nerfs ensued.


She was never as game-swingingly strong as Kron was originally. Yes, she smoothed the mid-game out, and worked well with Sarlac, but I argue it was due to a lack of good 3 drops, which is still somewhat of an issue today, although I say there are more options now than there were back when she was nerfed.

I would also advocate for reverting the Sarlac nerf as well. I don’t see every deck running it today due to more impactful 2 drops where before there were very few decent options in that slot.

Sarlac was a high synergy minion for Abyssian sacrifice decks but the break-even for value vs early game impact was pretty much broken by nerfing it to 3 mana.


Lady Locke would be busted as a 2/4, you’re basically giving nothing for that ability. I’d run it in most lists. Even a single proc can be game-changing, especially combined with her having provoke herself. I’d consider it much more game-swinging than Kron, especially due to the lower card cost.

And Sarlac being 2 drop would be busted too. Just saying.


Is Saberspine Tiger still deserving the nerf he received so long ago? Does he still provoke fear in the hearts of slow deck decks? I miss him so much… please, counterplay, give the Saberspine Tiger mercy and revert the unnecessary nerfs!

I want to point out how I don’t really remember how strong the card was at that time and what was the reason for it’s nerf. However, based on my gut feeling alone I am sure how the nerfs were unnecessary and how the card would be fine in this environment.

OT: I share the same opinion when it comes to any card that was nerfed in the past, Lady Locke included.


Often the difference between an auto include and a tech card comes down to a couple of stat points or a single mana crystal. Neutrals, due to their availability to all classes, should always act as tech cards and be present only in decks that can overcome their flaws with synergy.

Now now, don’t be too harsh with the poor devil. You were a bit salty right after the Kron nerfs, each of us had their Neutral favourite being nerfed at least once.
Something something pre-Skorn Jax


Something worth noting also is that Saberspine Tiger is still played extremely commonly whereas Lady Locke is almost non existent. If something is nerfed/changed pretty strongly and is still a staple in 40% of the decks played then it is still a strong card. I honestly have never seen a Lady Locke, I think everyone dropped her 2 weeks after the Kara rework happened. Very weak card.

Yes Tiger is a basic and Locke is a legendary, but there are plenty of players with enough spirit to go around that would craft her if she wasn’t so weak.


That was just an example. The point of my post is how it’s very easy to forget how strong some overnerfed cards were and how they still would be now, despite the game being very different from then. When it comes to Locke specifically, one could argue how she could use a buff (even though I don’t agree as the card doesn’t have to be necessarily bad if it isn’t played a lot, and locke certenaily has potential to be played), but reverting her back to her old stats would just make her broken once again. Hell, I don’t know how strong exactly she was back then, but I wouldn’t be surprised as she ends up being even stronger now.


2/4 is kind of strong. Compare it to the other 3 mana cards with similar statlines. Sunseer something heals you for 2 when it deals damage. That ability is awful so Lady Locke should be statted slightly less.

Just noting here- I am happy with the current overall balance of the game. There are always things that could be better, but overall the game is good.

I wish CP would nerf slightly less heavily for some cards. I didn’t play before Lady Locke, but Kron was an over nerf I think. 3/5 for a tiny bit more survivability would have been better. Locke I think would have been good as a 2/3.

Kron an Locke are pretty much not played at all which means they were overnerfed. Strong cards that are put in 90% of decks need to be toned down. Weak cards that are played less than 5% have been toned down too much.


I agree but those cards are not completely unplayable. They are if you only compare them to what they used to be but on their own they have their uses. Maybe Kron was overnerfed but I think he’s still playable in replace decks or as a value generator.


Thats true I might have over exaggerated a bit, but I really liked Kron. Pandora is my favorite card, and Kron is like a 66% cost, 66% power Pandora. If he followed Pandora’s statline 3/10(toned down obviously) then he would be playable. 5 HP is just such a good breakpoint for so many removal options. I would even take a 2/5 like Keilano. She is hard to take down but low ATK like most value generators are by design.


I miss the old Locke, buffing your swarm Locke
Keep them provoked Locke, the 2 and 4 Locke
I hate the new Locke, the 350 spirit Locke
The low hp Locke, die from one hit Locke


Perhaps Lady Locke would be auto-include as a 2/4, I would accept either a 1/4 or a 2/3 Lady Locke bump…


I started playing near end of alpha and don’t recall Saberspine Tiger being anything but what it is now… What was the old card like?


It used to be 3 mana 4/1 like half a year ago or something. But that’s not the point.


I think that actually is the point. 90% of the time you play a Tiger the game is either ending that turn or it is killing itself for the damage. Losing 1 ATK hurt. Having 2 Hp rather than 1 isn’t even really an increase. After having a strong nerf to the card(practically losing 2 stats worth) it is still played commonly, means that the card was busted beforehand. It is still a strong card now that fits in several deck types.

Tiger was fine to be nerfed. If it was reverted to 4/1 there would be an absurd uproar.

If Lady Locke was changed to a 2/3 3/3 or maybe even given the “Skorn Treatment” (4 Mana 3/4 take away self-Provoke) or something like that then it would see some play. I don’t think it would harm the games balance either.


As a Songhai player, I strenuously disagree. Lantern Fox going down to 3 health was a stealth buff to battlepets such as Ooz and Gro. Tiger going down to 1 health will be quite a buff to all the 1 attack minions with under 4 HP, including Katara, Heart Seeker, and Chakri Avatar unbuffed.