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I made 29 skins and Cookedpoo(x2) and Adahuys made their own too!


I want Hai Mentor and Hai Crypto :slight_smile: and Hai Geomancer. Don’t hate me.


I’ll start with Songhai conversions
are these okay? I dunno, maybe something is missing

I just couldnt make it work.
Unless you want this thing


Looks really good though!


You think so? Youre crazy, man


Cool! I like the scroll bandit the most. mentor looks incredibly Vetruvian-Egyptian like with all that bling-bling :money_mouth_face:


Boring reskinned lyo celebrant

Not finalized because it still needs lyonar elements added to it.

EDIT: changed color scheme to look more like lyo still trying to figure out which celebrant leads to the next


Look forward to see it finalized :slight_smile: .

@ryousen: what seemed a little off to me in those Hai versions is that the red looks a bit too dark and the golden details made them look a bit more Vet than Hai.
The white details in Crypto maybe could be greener?

I like the green smoke as it’s quite of a signature for Hai!


Thats understandable
I could try to readjust them once more, or one could ask @qaaz to do it, since he’s doing pretty nice recolors




Ok wait dont close again I got more skins to make
Can someone make this thread immortal


I dunno i just felt i should appreciate it.


I wish it could be dispensed with all the threads closing after a certain time. It is super annoying and I don’t see that big of an advantage, especially in a small community like here @stormshade.

It is a setting the forum owners / administrators / mods (?) can do.


It is a setting, but I don’t know what access credentials one must have, or it might be something that those who were involved with getting the forum started would have to do. I don’t know how many of them are left, to be honest. I have usually had luck appealing to @alexicon1 to reopen threads. If you want a thread to be immortal at this point, the most accessible option may be to have a mod close it and reopen it. The simple act of reopening a thread sets it to having no time limit. The other limit is about 10,000 posts, though we went over that amount in the second meme thread…and it caused some server errors, lol.

I never truly understood the aversion to having immortal threads. Necro-ing was never really a problem, and if it were the thread could simply be closed at will. There should be new mods created, because the current ones are pretty much gone at this point.



I second what boronian and isbee said. Immortal threads would be convenient.

Also, petition to become a mod. I promise I won’t abuse my absolute and undefiable power over the peasa-, I mean people of the Duelyst forums.


Interesting, I forgot @SnakeintheEye is still here too. Maybe he can reopen my content creator thread.

I also would apply as a mod. Do the same already on the Reddit, the Wiki, in the old official Tournament Discord and the MDT Discord. Maybe @stormshade is interested in giving someone from the community mod rights :slight_smile:


I just got it mate, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Nice to see you are back :smiley:

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