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I made 29 skins and Cookedpoo(x2) and Adahuys made their own too!


hate on me, i made a wanderer skin
recolor thing
i love wanderer actually
i just dont play it cause so many people are angry about that
its called Noah
inspired by Angel’s Egg
Its on the link
do it

watch angel’s egg


hrmmm… cool skin, but… it should be on a different character. we need less reasons to play wanderer, not more. keep it up.


Here’s the final skin, hope you guys like it.

Long Rant

I learned quite a lot from creating that skin, such as messing around with the different codes, learning to use new software, along with experiencing the pain of replacing EVERY SINGLE PIXEL by hand. The final product is definitely something I’m proud of, but embarrassingly I was too lazy to add stuff to the death animation, I felt like it was too quick to really see anything. There was some struggles along the way, such as trying to figure out which sprite led into a certain one, coming up with ideas to make the skin creative, and just burning out due to drawing for too long/carpal tunnel. Hope you all enjoy it, and it was a lot of fun to make it. Going to work on a new skin now :slight_smile:

oh yeah it needs a cool name, you can make it up @ryousen

cannon is saved under:


I created a place for fan made skins on the wiki:


But I need some more input than what I have already collected. Do you know more? Please let me know! :slight_smile:
Or just add them to the wiki yourself, it is like 2 clicks and 1 ctrl + c.


Lemme help you out: 17 + 8 = 25 :wink:


thanks, i dont like counting
i’ll remember next time i update this


I added Frost_arrow’s collection of skins to the wiki now.

@deathsadvocate don’t you use a lot of Lyonar skins?


I do. To quote my Twitch Channel:

“The Lyonar skins are a custom server sided game mod. The mod is compliments of my friend Quazzquimby. The main reason I did not use to play Lyonar much was as an Abyssian main they were sort of the opposite of my aesthetic. Quazz came to me and asked if I would play them more if he turned them into cool looking deathknights, and I said absolutely! I give the mod out to subscribers, and Quazz may give it out for free if you hit him up on discord.”


What’s his discord?




Thanks. I contacted him and updated the wiki:



Is there a evangelion-inspired meltdown skin already?
I want to make it but don’t know how




Looks great. :eyes:


Thanks! (15chars)


Attached the beast

Anyone got requests? Im taking a dooly break after TW so Im out of urges
I mean, for all its worth, I made a bunch of underdog skins so far, who the fuck runs Venom Toth, who the fuck runs Void Hunter, I should maybe give them popular creatures a try

also, I put that in the OP, didnt occur to me before


Thanks for your work! I hope your break is a short one :slight_smile:


Albino/Valentine’s Day Scroll Bandit.

Also maybe your interpretation of Storm Kage?


Yeah, there’s certainly a big reason to make a skin nobody will ever see in a real game :confused:


Ideas for skins:

  • Magmar Decimus
  • Vanar Mentor
  • Lyonar Celebrant
  • Abyssian Herald
  • Songhai Primus Fist
  • Vetruvian THorn