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I made 29 skins and Cookedpoo(x2) and Adahuys made their own too!


Flameborne Pantheran skin?





I wanted to reply in the other thread about skins (this one) but it’s been closed for several months so I’ll ask here. So I understand that I’m supposed to paste in the replacement file, which I did. However, now nothing’s showing up for the unit (in this case Kaleos) in my collection. I also keep crashing if I match up against Kaleos. Does anyone know if I messed something up?

EDIT: Uninstalled and reinstalled Duelyst, now it’s working. Weird.


Days pass by fast
Ill get to it, I’ll get to it, really
What have you guys been up to
I was like, watching anime and reading books
Can you believe it, ryousen reading books
yes you can cause you dont know i used to play hardcore book hate team
@halcyon98 have you made any art recently?

The Purification Crusade

its happening
go to the link
its uploaded
its done



I finally realized how cool these skins are (and also learned how to put them into the game), and just wondering if you plan on making any custom skins for mechs?


It’s… it’s beautiful


Not really. I’m not much of an artist. :sweat_smile:


I dunno, maybe? A person most fit to dong mech skins is one who plays mech decks, because they know what to accentuate and what not to do, but I can try I guess

Thank you 23

Yeah baby, the right path!
I remember your logo design or something, I liked that
What have you done besides it?


I’ve been making some things for my school newspaper project. :sirpenti:


Thanks for the fast reply!

You may be right, I’m working on a Cannon of Z0r skin right now, and probably could finish/post in a few hours. It definitely is very time consuming, and really takes a lot of patience to get the exact colors and looks.

Edit: it won’t be done for a while


One frame (probably the first) of the MK2 Sajj skin’s “channeling” still shows her as red instead of black, so she flashes red if you hold over a card over the board without playing it.


Would be a fun meme if you took parts of Z0r’s skin and replaced them with MechaZ0r’s parts :smile: Wings could be his antenna, Chassis his legs and arms (because he’s mainly Helm)… don’t know about Cannon and Sword, maybe his two fists (he also has a gun right?).

Could be dope


That was intended, but since I could not test it at the time I ditnt know it didnt look good
It was two frames; Bloodcalled Sajj has this but its on one frame space
I removed the thing just for you, its on the link, ctrl f “Patched”, enjoy

I BRING ZIRIX! And another Sajj

Blood and Gold



Blackwater Fountain


Paladin Sajj



Thats a nice composition, makes me wish my school had a newspaper
…it probably does and I dont care, and that makes me satisfied as is
I dont really get the contrast red blue pink, but reality does not conform to my understanding
now, the question


What the hell does this guy even mean by CrAZyYY Shidai? here’s a thing
Maybe its not crazy enough
hmmmmmmmm i gotta revisit this better later

Added on the stuff


How did you get all the special effects on your skins?

Using paint.net, and not sure how to get all of that, cool stuff though.


…You just do it, in a way

This question is incomprehensible in the same sense as it is incomprehensible when one looks at a decklist and asks, “how do you win with this”
You win by understanding its cards and having the will to win
Its plays follow as a logical consequence

So I just think, hey I want stars in this cloak (hey i want to win this game)
I just use the tools to collage the stars on the cloak (i just cast the cards in the right order and moment)
“i want it to look like x”
Apply a filter or a multitude of filters to make it look like x

Of course this requires you to understand the program (which is the arrangement of tools, which are like cards)
I dont know anything about paint net, Ive lived in Photoshop for like ten years

…maybe these last eight words explain it better than the rest of the post

Okay, here’s the deal, restating
Its all about reading the cards to know what to do in a match
Its all about knowing the tools to know what to do in an image
Just open the image and mess around so you get to know the tools
I was not fooling around in the third reply, to @anjosustrakr, it is just that
Open a sufficiently advanced program
Mess around
The skin just emerges


Sorry for bothering you again (I seriously must be a pain in the neck right now :face_vomiting:) but is there discernible way to tell what order the pieces in the sprite list go in? Or have I just been doing this all wrong because the Cannon looks like a bunch of different sprites in different orders. Or maybe do I have the wrong image for him rip 3 days. I totally get what you mean by the effects though, you just have to do it and everything is up to interpretation, whether or not its perfect is up to the person who uses it.


Naw man, its fine! i liked typing that
I dont see a way to immediately know the order
Its also not readily apparent what frames repeat; as in, for example, “breathing” animations may appear to have five frames but its really three, except two of those repeat
I dont think you need to take special care about those since they naturally work, its just an extra difficulty in telling the sequencing in the sprite
Good luck