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I made 29 skins and Cookedpoo(x2) and Adahuys made their own too!


check out unit skins by an olw for a reminder on how to use them, and even more options
Boronian made a wiki page dedicated to pixel art modding! It contains a catalogue of other threads, do pay it a visit



The actual image files you place in the game can be found in the imgur link below.
use CTRL+F to look up the name of the desired skin.
Within the catalogue ITT are screenshots of the modded units so you can get a feel for them.


If populus request is deemed vehement and justified and given that my skills match the requirements of the forthwith presented, I may even pick thy pick
I may grant some requests if I feel like I can make a good skin, so maybe it doesnt hurt to ask? I dunno.

Here’s a video showcasing the first few i made in the collection, though its low quality in the beginning for some reason




Cookedpoo's Sunburst Celebrant

pink guy Scroll Bandit

Songhai Conversions (Crypto, Mentor, Primus Fist)


Not so new:

Adahuys's Unit 01 (Meltdown)

Cookedpoo's Luminibolter (Cannon of the Mechazor)

Noah (Wanderer)

Paladin Sajj

Assorted Zirix Skins


Blood and Gold



Blackwater Fountain


Crazy Shidai i guess, maybe this aint crazy enough


Assorted Vaath Skins

Umbra Beast

Tartarus Vaath

Purple Abyssian Vaath

Astral set: Space Jaxi, Starcloak Kron, Bloodcaller Sajj + Bloodcaller MKII, Solar Hunter



Sajj - there are some other Sajj tests in the album link, down at the bottom

Sajj MKII - there is a normal and a patched version, the normal version flickers during channel/card hold animation, patched is all stars during that

Void Hunter

Araki Headseeker

Here’s Araki as an old ass man… I mean not man, its something between a beast and a lizard… remember that other old ass man beast lizard? legend says he is a magmar general, but like, I havent seen him in a while… maybe he died… yeah, I think that was his whole deal all along… I mean, his power was to give the opponent cards… you’re basically asking for death at that point… its not even Jammer with that hot body, its like, he spent mana from his pool with no body to give them cards… why… his whole paradigm was probably doing that… like when were not looking he’s flipping his cane at people screaming “kill me please!!! please do it!!! end me” and giving them cards to do it, but everyone just runs away scared, cause they think all lizards are unbeatable, just cause Vaath has a pretty good reputation and Ragnarok is relentless…
In fact, why would you even want this… why would you want your Araki as this old ass bitch… I retcon that shit, here’s a better skin:


Keeper Of The Blue Flame

"Venom Toth" is called "merctwinbladewarmonger" in the files... anyway here's Black Illusion Venom

Almost Abstract Skorn

Warp Bot, or Rift Replicant

they call Replicant Replicator in the filename? just like i keep mixing it up

Ashen Vessel Of The Flameblood

And Dark Hound, which I have not done justice to, and will revisit later

Oh, I forgot, Crimson Carbuncle, a Dreamgazer for you

What unit would be cool to rebuild? I tried White Widow but its hard to mess with that sprite


Always wanted a purple Vaath


How did you do those effects?

  1. open photoshop
  2. mess around
  3. youre an artist now i will put you in my list of people i have made become artists


Paint is superior


You know… They have special schools for talented kids like you. :yum:


BEAUTIFUL :heart_eyes:

oh, but you need to save these files as a png, otherwise they wont work.




Wait, this godawful upload autoconverted them to .jpeg
man i hate the internet
are we in the 50s
places dont even let us upload more than 8mb
like what about my 3000x2000 collages fuck these services
i’ll make an imgur album and put that in the OP

wait what? some of them are in .png, and some arent
what is going on
alright fixed anyway


Great. Now treat Sajj MkII skin the same way pls :smiley:


nice job, wish to see some of those becoming available ingame!


How do you upload em to the game?!!


Click the link on top of the thread.


Ok… I better stay out of this! It’s too much for me Hahaha It’s great to know people are customizing their experience!!! People are Amazing.


But “purple” is too vague!!!


ok, let me be more clear. Vaath in an Abyssian colour pallette


I come with more things

All of the PNGs are properly uploaded in the imgur link
CTRL F the name of the skins to easily find them


and another version, TARTARUS VAATH

Also, I have attended to a couple requests

Is this close enough?

Im fairly sure I cant properly test this because I dont have th MKII, but here’s it


looks flipping amazing ingame! just gave the boss a proper whopping and looked good doing so!


That Vaath looks perfect


I want a CrAZyYY Shidai. Can you please me? :kissing_smiling_eyes: