I Love You Guys


Hmm, so, yeah.
How to put this ?

Let’s start with this simple little thing I wanted to tell you but you already read. I love you guys. And gals. But that doesn’t matter.

I rarely have seen such a nice community as a whole. Everyone here is always helping out each other, arguing quite often too. That’s just the way things are I guess, can’t help it. I have a lot of fun reading everyone’s posts all the time, and sometimes it’s also useful.
The topics are most of the time interesting, some are outstandingly funny, usually they help a lot the noob I am.

And the members, you’re all great guys, even our lord and saviour kevin2hard, dude, you make me laugh so bad, I can’t help but like you. I won’t really go in detail to describe all of you here, but to me everyone here has qualities. I have nearly a hundred hours in this game, but that’s all thanks to you. I have wanted to give up many times already. I just come here to get a bit of motivation. I guess it worked until now.

All in all, it’s a great community here. In my short life, the one I got most invested in, and I’m counting iRL stuff. But that probably means I don’t get invested a lot, does it ? And that I’m a bit too emotional. Nah, who am I kidding, you guys are all humans, so I guess there’s nothing wrong with me liking you.
So, again, it’s a great “place” here that I do hold dear. I’m repeating myself, surely due to being old, but you guys are great.
Have a good day/night.


nuff respect bro lol but i’m no saviour just a casual diamond player that enjoys the challenge of using low tier decks to destroy the meta


good to know someone here needs a girl more than i do (?)

jajjaa now serious. Yeah, lots of people complaining about lots of stuff, but the community is great, in the forums and in-game :smiley: never actually met anyone being rude.


complaining about a lot of stuff? nah just songhai


KappaPride in the chat.


welp thanks gonna go rewatch anime now


I spend my days surrounded by beautiful girls and still don’t have a girl. >.<


im studying at college, and work in another college … so i know the feel bro