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I love you guys. A belated introduction


Crap, I’m hanging around at this forum for almost 2 months and I haven’t even said hello to all of those wonderful people that are here.

Duelyst is an awesome game, but the part that is literally the best is the community, nobody’s perfect, everyone has flaws but that little imperfections make us special, right? The thing is, I have never had so much fun in game because of community of that game. You guys are almost like my family.

Anyway, I’m an IT student from Poland, who loves card games, sweets and animu (as you can tell from my profile). In terms of Duelyst, I never play meta decks, I prefer meme fun deck. Sometimes I post my ideas of forums so check the Out Of the Meta thread, I posted a few there and I have some new ideas for new ones so check that out if you’re interested.

If anyone wants to talk about meme decks ideas or anime feel free to message me and add in-game. No one of my friends are watching anime so it would be refreshing to talk about it.

Ok, I lied, I have no friends.

My life goals are: getting to top 50 players list, and making my Senpai notice me. Who’s my Senpai you might ask. It’s @raqyee of course.


God dammit, both of us can’t have the exact same life goals !
Anyway, I can do with more weebs around, so, hello :wink:


don’t copy my goals like that kvewgir



I’m not giving raqyee to you. He’s MINE…


Maybe I’ll add you to meme deck battle


Fight me ! Ingame please, I don’t want to die


Don’t worry I’ve been here since the Kickstarter and haven’t introduced myself. Yeah the community is pretty good but I would love to have a in-game chat. So many yugioh references that go unheard it’s a crime I tell you.


I totally agree meta is soo boring! Keep up the meme!


Welcome! A belated greeting :slight_smile:

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