I just love when


A Songhai transforms a minion into a panda and you are Vetruvian so you just use Cosmic Flesh and puff, an immortal unit with provoke. What you guys think? Any other fun situation like that?


If you are playing as or against Healyonar as Abyssian then the get easy healing procs off for their heal synergy cards if you play Keilano. The first time it happened to me they had a sunriser on board and I thought it was a bug. Everytime any of his units was damaged, Keilano healed me for 1 HP. Then sunriser procced and did 2 AoE damage to everything around it.

He ended up getting like a 14 damage burst combo or something like that it was complete BS, but now I know to be careful with Shadow Sister in that matchup.


When opponent aligns his armies in a vertical line, and my Warbird is abt to be refreshed :slight_smile:


when i have 2 kelainos in the back and my general becomes an immortal tank

i had one match where i had 2 kelainos and my opponent had an aymara, 8 attack dervish, several obelysks, and even a blood taura near my general.
guess who won :wink:


When they use gravity well and I have a tiger+diretide combo in hand


When someone pulls off a rush combo to kil me in their last turn and i die of a salt overdose.


I love that too! That’s hilarious lol! I recently played as Vetruvian against Songhai, and used Scion’s Second Wish on a Panda. The best part is knowing that Songhai’s best answer is another Onyx Bear Seal!


When the enemy doesn’t kill your Bastion and Shiro Puppydragon, creating an army of super-buffed minions. I was continuously fishing for divine bond to end the game sooner.


Nesquik. I love Nesquik.


When the opponent places wraithlings in a row trying to reach and break my Wildfire Ankh, but then I topdecked a Spinecleaver and created 3 Bloodfire totems in 1 hit

Ugh FeelsGoodMan


Yes what you want?

Anyway I love when I have lethal and I misclick the card next to the good one. And turn after I die.


When I topdeck a lethal Bloodtear Alchemist on a Reva (*゚▽゚)ノ Happened a while ago but yeah, give’em a taste of their own medecine


Nothing more satisfying than t1 crescent spear t2 twin strike (unless there’s an azure herald, shiro, or gro on board ;-; )


When Wraithling Fury & 2 Baronettes are both in hand and usable at 9 mana :stuck_out_tongue:


When I manage to replicate my white widows with an aethermaster in play. So much damage flying everywhere…


I love replacing into Spiral Tech exact lethal while being dead on board, and topdecking sweetens the deal

next open letter to cpg: ban maelrawn


I just love when I drop a turn 1 Silithar Elder as player 2. The opponent goes through painstaking effort to remove it, only for me to step on a mana tile and Keeper of the Value the elder back to life immediately the next turn.

Cancer, glorious cancer.


How do you do this?


Flash Reincarnation + Flash Reincarnation + Silithar Elder. If opponent manages to kill it, step on mana tile, then cast Keeper of The Vale to bring back the Elder.

This is essentially my “god hand”, the most powerful opening and follow up the deck I’m using can muster. It obviously happens quite rarely. XD


Wow that’s actually amazing.

Did some calculations, and found that your dream opening (not accounting the Keeper) has about 35% chance to happen, given that you put 3 Elders and 3 Flash Reincarnations. That’s one-third of the chance happening, which is much better than what I’ve expected.

I would have tried this out if I had 3 Silithar Elders, but I don’t