I just got 2nd in Eyos Clash with Magmar and I thought I'd share what I learned


I wont post my list, not because it’s a big secret but because Flash, Mana Vortex and Zenrui were banned in this tournament, and I built my deck with that in mind (though I wouldn’t have played flash even if I could in this deck)

Lessons learned concerning post shimzar Magmar:

Thumping Wave is a great card to either finish games or act as ranged hard removal, I would play at least 1 in every deck

Lightbender has some painful anti-synergy with Vaath, I don’t know if it’s worth playing to counter Cassyva or not though. I played 1 with 3 Shrouds in most of my games

Dioltas is probably the best 4 drop you can play in Magmar

Play 3 Mandrake in every Magmar deck you make. It doesn’t matter what kind of deck it is, put 3 Mandrake in it. it’s only a rare, no excuses, go craft 3 and put them in all your mag decks

Edit: forgot an important one, Plasma Storm is 10x better than it was last patch, partly because it doesn’t kill your 4 drop of choice anymore, and partly because vet is so popular

Thanks for reading and happy magmar playing friends