I just brute-forced my way through 3x Chrysalis Burst


Without any AoE (unless you count 1 Twin Strike as such) and without significant board presence either (one time nothing, one time bunnies, third time again nothing iirc).

Then, just 1-2 matches later I conquered, very barely, 3 Chromatic Colds, 3 Cryogenesis, 2 Aspects of the Fox and a boardwipe combo of Glacial Elemental with Bonechill Barrier: that dude had ALL the answers.

Both matches felt crazy and epic to have come through, and honestly I just felt like sharing.

I might try to record the replays if anyone is interested, it felt like a real achievement.

Anyone else weathered 3x Chrysalis Burst (without Skorn or such) and lived to tell the tale, or had a similar feeling of having all odds stacked against you yet managing to drag out a win?
Please tell your tale, I am interested to hear it :slight_smile:

Here’s the first video of the 3x Chrysalis Burst for those that are interested:

Other video might come later :slight_smile:


If i got a dollar for every egg i manage to hatch in duelyst, i’d be able to afford a drink or two in my favourite bar.

Rip in Omeletti.


What kind of Songhai deck are you playing?


That’s not much. If we’ll meet anytime I’ll buy you a drink.

The bad is: Expansion will be around BSs and not around faction keywords. So Eggmar will stay bad.


Well, Burst by itself is a garbage card but it is quite difficult, and definitely terrifying to deal with three of them in a row if you don’t have a board advantage or some clears. It’s like having to defuse a dozen of ticking time bombs.

Personally, I don’t remember any big combacks I’ve experienced. They only leave an impression for a short period of time. I’ve had my fair share of last second mech OTKs and Cassy comebacks due to multiple Kelainos or whatever but it’s nothing really unorthodox.


One never knows. There could easily be, say an artifact, with the effect like “Whenever you use your BBS, hatch a random egg.”


1 blistering scorn can kill all eggs and give u 4 4 minion.


Pfft that’s nothing, I can survive long enough to use the chrysalis burst + morin khur combo and live the tell the tale.


Uploaded the video and edited the first post to include it there.


that was a well deserved loss for your opponent 8D


That is an interesting point: I cannot remember any of my duelyst game, even though I can still remember some Blood Bowl games several years later. But that might have to do with the short duration of the games too.


Every time I’m severely behind with my board and I summon grailmaster behind me and he sticks for one turn :sunglasses:

Ps: I run a swarm abyssian deck


After shimzar, I just kept spawning token battlepets with burst :rage:. That’s if they even managed to survive, which like 8/10 they don’t. None of them :sweat:. I just had to give up including it in a deck, even if I could pull of a 9 cost morin-khur into chrysalis burst.


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