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I have to agree with these threads


Completely. Nerf songhai. The out of hand burst is just insane. Now while we are at it, also nerf bloodmoon priestess, if you dont happen to draw into your answer you instalose, you will have voidlings enter your house, ravage the fridge and swim in your pool. Also, here is a long list of cards that definitely need a nerf:

-Katara. The mana cost is just insanely low and allows to chain plays.

-Obliterate, the AOE damage and board clear just makes all the turns of setup and gaining advantage be for nothing.

-Argeon BBS. +2 attack on the faction with cheap celerity and already high statted minions? Who thought this would be a good idea?

-Saberspine tiger. Rush is already a problematic mechanic, giving all factions access to a 3 mana rush is madness, whenever you are at 3 hp you have to fear the tiger lethal. Even worse in Argeon.

-Ethereal obelysk. It gives free minions every turn, and even worse, they have rush.

-Healing mystic. It has the perfect stats for a 2-drop, the heal effect just pushes it over the edge.

-Dragonbone golem. It has a huge 10/10 statline that is extremely hard to deal with which, basically an “answer or lose” minion that is IMMUNE TO DISPEL! I can’t believe it still exists in its current state.

-The next expansion. Please, I know it isn’t out yet, but it definitely needs a nerf. Anyone with some logic can see that.

Now, I would like to say to the developers a big thank you for being awesome. You have created a great game that have given many of us a lot of hours of fun, and you actually spend time with the community and listen to us. Thank you for the effort you guys put in and keep up the good work! The lore in particular, its fantastic and really I wanna get more of it as soon as possible. To everyone else, have a great day


Gosh. At first I didn’t realise you’re joking

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