I have insufficient memes - onyx locusts


i’m trying to make a locust deck work with onyx jaguar but having trouble optimizing the deck. plz help?


Not enough 2 drops maybe, also it helps to justify every card you put in.


I’d drop both battle pandos and 1 obs for 3 Chakri Avatar


I would replace blood tear alchemist with ghost lightning. I find it far more effective as the 2/1 body is mostly useless, using it on only one target does the same thing for same cost, it clears swarms more effectively (considering you’re using locusts, you’ll need to stay on top of the board-swarming situation). It also has any sort of spell synergy, and although you don’t much in this deck currently outside of 4 winds magi, its good if you ever decide to add any more


You want this deck to have less player one turn one plays? It already doesn’t have enough… (recommend 9)


Too many 3 drops and not enough 2 drops. I recommend replacing Spelljammer with Sworn Sister since the sister is a 4 drop and you don’t really want to give your opponent cards. As for 2 drops, maybe Primus Fist, Chakri Avatar, or Tusk Boar might be good. I would also add Kron since he is good at filling up the board for Jaguar if Locust gets answered. The 1 spiral technique seems like an odd choice. Some decks get away with it since they run Heaven’s Eclipse to fetch it. However since this deck does not have heaven’s eclipse, you should probably take it out or add another one.


It’s as @excogitator said.

I would also recommend dropping battle panddo for a two drop


I was thinking of Pandamonium + locusts when I read the title because onyx seal=panddo.
One could only dream a swarm of panddo :laughing:


Unfortunately, Pandamonium only lasts until the end of your turn. Unless you use double ghost lightning/ghost lighting+eight gates, its pretty useless


Or ghost lightning + crescent spear, or skorn and ghost lightning, or storm sister and ghost lightning :slight_smile:


Chakri doesnt fit. only 17 spells with no mirror meld and no Xho/L’kian for extra spell gain.

Better off with a more reliable 1/2 drop like Katara/Kaido/Primus, especially the first 2 since you’re running Kaleos and Jux/MDS. I agree with removing Panddos though. Don’t run em if you’re not running DSS.

I think he’d need OBS though, for removal. With DSS, he’s susceptible to enemies running big bodies, then he’s screwed if they clear the jag/locusts.

To guy above me, also add skorn + battle Panddo, not that I’d recommend that 10 mana combo >.>


I would consider removing the saber spine seals since they have no synergy with the black locusts. This sort of meme deck is an attrition style deck, you need more minions that can get you into the mid game so you can start IFing Black Locusts all over the place. This is an outdated Black Locust Songhai ‘guide’ I made before Shim’zar but seeing as there are some people that like the card as much as I do maybe I’ll update it. For now you might get some ideas from it.

FM’s Black Locust ‘guide’


Didn’t add because… 10 mana, yo

Though mana vortex > panddomonium > battle panddo > skorn is possible!