I have an Idea for new Gamemodes


I know this has probably been suggested a million times, but maybe this would be the time that the devs decide to implement it.

I think 2v2 would be a really cool/fun way to play. There could be one called alliance, where 2 different factions would team up, and there would be one called conquest (or something similar) where the 2 generals for that faction team up. Each player would have their own deck, hand, and mana, but If they wanted they could use some of their teammate’s mana, or minions they have out. If it’s your teammate’s turn, you could offer them a card somehow, and if they accept it would go to their hand. You could only do one card per turn. This could allow for some really cool combos. It would honestly be really funny to see someone put a bunch of minions with provoke up front, while their teammate has grow minions and/or silithar elders generating value. Or a vetruvian and abyssian teamup, where vetruvian gives the blast artifact, and then the abyssian uses the artifact that summons a wraithling whenever you do damage. This would allow for creative, fun plays. Or imagine SongHai and vetruvian.

Another mode could be "Protect the king"
3v3, each person has their own deck, but one person would be the “king”. Each person could be a different faction. The people who aren’t king could die, but the king’s death would be an instant loss. Only the king can use his BBS. This would be really cool as well. All the same rules from before would apply.

Tell me what you guys think.


There is a ton of potential in this game. Single player adventures, 2v2, 1v1v1, different maps, boss battles, etc… I remember looking at the product roadmap and I think they will have their hands full for a while. These things would be super cool if they decide to work on them.