I have 900 gold


I have no idea why, but I have 900 gold. Tell me where to spend it. Thanks in advance! :sirpenti:

  • Mythron orbs for Kha
  • Immortal Vanguard orbs for War Exorcist
  • Save until next expansion

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I was gonna say gauntlet farming, but you do you fam


I suck at the gauntlet. :confounded:


Spend it for prismatic serpenti.
or prismatic prismatic illusions.


Drafting ain’t hard, you just have to think through your plays.


What are the rewards for gauntlet? Can I find it on the wiki?


I forget the exact things but you get orbs, gold, spirit and prismatic cards.

At 7 wins you get a Guantlet Ticket.

3 wins plusses you, anymore is a bonus.


This should have it https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r3tX0myAjXHo-EzGmQ2v3E-P2fLCB-8lcCdKkRzeQq0/edit#


Depends a lot of what you already have and how you play.
Maybe use @t2k5 mighty Scripts and post a screenshot like:

(iirc you can even export whole collection in a csv file)

Edit: confirmed, export is in the Collections, click button, save in file, export online http://www.sharecsv.com/s/0ccdc5c074cfc97a6f5cbafdced98d76/duelystcards.csv


I actually can’t use scripts, because I play on a Mac. (Notepad is only for Windows.) But on a second thought, maybe I can try it out with Coda or Textmate.


Also, I really don’t think I should try gauntlet because my internet could disconnect.


For just an export, the simplest way would be to start the web client in Chrome, copy/paste the script URL in console, and voilà :slight_smile:


Have you considered giving me your gold? I promise I’ll keep it safe :money_mouth_face:


Quoting my orb buying advice from my budget guide:


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