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I got stuck at the One Moment screen and "lost"(?)



I was playing a match and after winning, there was a one moment screen, then i restarted duelyst because it was taking too long. then it said reconnect to match, although i had already won. i did this three times then after i no longer needed to reconnect. but when i checked my latest matches it said it was a loss. The weird thing was when i replayed the match, it said victory. i am not sure whether my rank has gone up or down.

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  1. Play a match

The "One Moment" screen seems to be back again :(

Server problem. Don’t worry you’re not alone and sadly all we can do now is wait :sob:

“In the devs we believe”.


lol, i guess ill just have to wait then. sigh :frowning:


Same here for my past two matches. I submitted a bug report in game as well but I guess its just server issues. Both of those were wins, that still say victory when I replay them, but show a loss in match history. I didn’t check after first because my opponent DCd during mulligan phase and I thought maybe it was on his end. Anyone else unfortunate enough to play more than one game like this?


Same story here. Won two matches, one in history was flagged as lost and second got stuck at “ONE MOMENT…”

Going to work now, hopefully those two games won’t be counted as lost :slight_frown:


guess we all just have to wait for cp games to fix the problem


When u had “won” the 2 matches, did ur rank improve or did it not? because i am not sure about my rank now


Now that you mention it, I also won two games that probably didn’t count but I haven’t checked my rank out yet :frowning:


I’m got up to 5 matches won in a row before I realized none of them had counted. I was too tired to chalk it up to anything more than busy servers at first but I can at least confirm that my rank did not change.


Devs in the Discord said they are aware and working on fixing the issue, as stated above it’s a server side problem. You can unlock the game by quitting, reconnecting and clicking the Friends menu when the game says “Reconstructing Game”, but if you play again you’ll get stuck at One Moment again


Same issue, both web and standalone client :cry:


For anyone following this thread, I started a General one here that I plan on updating as more info becomes available:


Good News! I just checked on Duelyst and suddenly a message saying something to do with checking my recent matches. When i check my recent matches, the problem was solved! My “lost” game showed i won and i also got the win i rightfully deserved! Thanks CP Games!


We had a job processor outage last night causing end-of-game processing to go off the cliff. It should be resolved. Sorry for the bad games :frowning:

Thanks for reporting.