I found my favorite Legendary. What's Yours? (Don't base solely on power)


Link to card I used: http://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Black_Locust

(Ignore the r/DnD in the background)

Edit: Well this blew up…


You mean, you found it again and it’s still Black Locust ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine : Zendo :wink:


Lol this again… Black locust is pretty fun if to u can get it going but it’s 2 squishy and is always taken down quickly. Mine quarter master gauj a monster that can’t be harmed aside from spells and that art work… Wish I could get him to work in a deck.


Maybe with Lyonar : Quartermaster Gauj + Aegis Barrier + Prism Barrier ?
Still vulnerable to dispell+spell but could be nicely sticky :stuck_out_tongue:


Pandora is my overall favourite in terms of design, art work and ability. Sadly too many faction based legendary cards outshine her for me to add her into decks. My number two is Rawr, but never got to live the dream of Rawr making a second Rawr before disenchanting it.


Huge fan of Pandora as well. I used to always run 1x in my slower lists, but like you said she is outclassed by many other lategame options. Still a very fun card though.


So your favorite Legendary is an Epic ? :confused:


Remember the good old days of Kara making all these memes come through?
Anyway i was gonna say Quartermaster because of his badass animation but i gotta say my favourite legend is my first one… ROOK. Want to draw five cards? Want to have a 10/10 that keeps growing? Want to stab your opponent in the back for 10? Want a minion thats immortal and makes sure that your immortal too? Want to synergize with your Call of the wild for 20 damage? Want to burn everything your opponent loves in a straight line?

Okay i got a little carried away but the guy looks awesome and he is amazingly fun to play but sadly he sucks because of the random nature.


To be honest my favourite legendary would be Serpenti if it were a legendary of course. It’s just too good for a common. Right now my favourite is Meltdown, I always hit what I want, always.


Gotta hand it to him, the OG pillar master has popped out some surprising comebacks back in silver (and sometimes gold!)


Drogon. For… Reasons…

Gameplay wise, I liked the old 9 mana take an extra turn Maelstrom. Looking back, it fits the lore really well, as well as being versatile and deceptively simple. Plus, ZA WARUDO!

(p.s. I never knew that we had a Japanese Wiki)

(p.p.s, while we’re on the subject…

me: Counterplay, how many times have you nerfed Vetruvian?

Counterplay: How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your life?)


Ha I just pulled. The combo off but still takes damage from indirect spells thank God I had buffed his hp… Yeah Lynor is the best for using this guy…


It’s such a hard choice, so many of them are so interesting and pretty…

That said, I think I might be in love with Zendo. There’s nothing like dictating your opponent’s turns.


I feel dumb now, but yes.


Is that possible?


Rawr making Rawr? It should be in theory since any damage taken summons a random battle pet and Rawr is a battle pet. Although to be fair I’ve never summoned Rawr or Z0R from any card that gives a random battle pet minion. So maybe there could be a bias against higher rarity cards. But if its all even chance, its about 5% I think since there is about 20 battle pets, maybe slightly less.


My favorite legeandary? I think I have to pay tribute to the almighty Storm Kage for being one of my most successful memes. I get so click-happy with my infinite supply of Kage Lightnings. Also, it’s got a daunting animation for how it moves on the board. It’s probably one of the slowest, most dramatic animations a minion can have. I always think of Darth Vader when I see it move.

(I also miiiiight be testing how it fairs against Grandmaster Variax.)


I have to go with keeper of the vale purely based on looks and the fact that I will run him in every deck I make.


It would probably be too broken. I never got rawr or zor from natures confluence and I played it a lot.


Sarlac the Eternal. I know it’s a horrible card and all, but I find it fun.