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I drew a prismatic that I didn't have!



Well as I stated i was in the middle of a game when I drew a prismatic Pandora, I excitedly went to check my collection right after I won only to find that I didn’t own a prismatic pandora.

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System Specs:

I was playing on a friends computer. I don’t have any informations on its specs


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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play a game
  2. pray to RNGesus for prismatic cards to magically appear in your deck


I had this exact same thing happen to me with my regular Pandora, which makes me think this might be a bug that only affects that minion. I didn’t get to play it that game however, so I don’t know if the prismatic rainbow animation actually would have showed up in game.


I had that happen to me as well, but not with Pandora but Bloodmoon priestess (several times) and a Vorpal Reaver (once), none of which I have in a prismatic version but somehow I drew them, managed to play them and they had the aura and the wraithlings they spawned also had the aura.


We’re checking it out.


Hey guys, it just happened again with the same card, Pandora. While I would love prismatic copies of Pandora I simply don’t have them yet I drew one anyway. After being played all the prismatic animations play as it should. This time I was able to snap a picture.