I am stuck in a match with a hacker!


I am playing a Songhai shiba inu dog been on turn one now for over 30 min luckyman216 is controlling the timer for the game
had a conversation with him he is willing to sit for the rest of the night , at least lol , his timer has run out soooo many times :unamused:

I am going to start watching movies is there anyway I can report while still in a match this is ridiculous


Just be sure that you win this staring contest.


You can PM @ThanatosNoa or any of the other moderators here your issue or just go to settings while in-game and send in a support ticket


Oof. That’s a load of fun.


A. That is not a hacker
B. Quit the game report the player and move on with your life.


Is he a…supa hacka?


Hey @caveman88, please send the match replay link to the Customer Support so they can analyze the footage and take action if needed :wink:


It’s probably just connection issues, happens to me all the time.


Did no one get my Stein’s Gate reference?


I would have, had I watched the show.

I own it. Haven’t gotten to it yet…backlog.


Dropped it during the 8th episode years ago. I know its suppose to pick up and get better at like the 10th episode, but I had enough by that point and moved on.


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