I am noob please help me


I am new to this video game and would like help(I started yesterday!!!). For instance, tips for getting somewhat decent at the video game in general (not “you are bad kid get good!!!”) and such, I would also appreciate criticism on le deck I put together real quick (a nice fellow told me a bit about the game, such as putting minions with immediate effects into my deck). He also told me about this website called “bagoum” that proved to be fairly useful. Please help, I want my name to become relevant and not just trash talk!!

Note to people reading: thank you for actually reading this, I am no good at formatting forum posts on any kind of forum website. Another note: Sorry, I don’t know which of the 2 is widely acceped on these forums, the imgur or the bagoum.


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Well, your deck is definitely good enough to be starting out with.

It’s easier to give advice if you narrow it down a little like what you’re struggling with, but I guess some general/vague advice would be that typically you want to keep your dudes alive while clearing theirs where possible. Then when you are ahead on board kill the general. Not every deck plays like that of course, but it’s a decent enough rule of thumb.

If you’re looking for guides and that type of thing then the wiki is great as a compiled resource for all of these: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Category:Guides

Best of luck.


I’m surprised to see a really well composed budget deck from a person started yesterday.

The trends that you should keep going like that in most decks (excluding very special cases, but you’ll know them when you meet 'em):

  1. Try to include 3 copies of a card as much as possible.
  2. Try to have at least 9 1-2 mana minions as often as possible.

So, it’s a very good start for a beginner like you. Good luck!

P.S. Both imgur link and bagoum link are fine. By providing the bagoum link you allow anyone interested to try your deck by just copying the deck code into Dooli deck creator, which proves convenient. And the picture is useful for obvious reasons.

Edit. And I forgot. Welcome to the forums, m8!


Well, obviously you will get better with practice but there are 2 things you should learn asap.
How to position your minion and understand in advance how the opponent could position their in a way you can reach the target you want or avoid him to hit the target you dont want him to hit (in both cases, either the general or a valuable minion).

The 2nd is to learn what the opponent faction can throw at you. If he is a magmar at 6 mana it will probably throw a makantor warbeast at you, if he is a songhai and you see he’s not using many minions, you might think you have the control of the situation, only to get burned the next turn. The next step would be learning what are the meta decks so you know kinda exactly what cards the opponent will have in the deck.

As for the deck you posted it seems perfectly fine to start, maybe just replace brightmoss with ironcliffe when you can


You sure you are new? That’s a stupid question, but I am quite impressed with your deck so far. If you have decided to play Lyonar, and Argeon on particular, I would recommend crafting some staple cards for some archetypes. I would suggest starting with Ironcliffe Guardian, Azurite Lion, Afterblaze, Sunrise Cleric, and Sun Wisp. These are relatively common cards and shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to get. Next, I recommend crafting Holy Immolation and Trinity Oath. These are a little more expensive, but are considered some of the best cards Lyonar has. Definitely a worthwhile investment.


Who flaged the post? It didn’t break guidelines and was a great beginner deck for someone who started just “yesterday”


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Ty, all tips appreciated!



Thank you for the tips!! I decided to play him because he was the first baddie I played. Is there any particular order to craft these cards in??


That should give you all you need to know. But overall you have a very well crafted starter deck that checks all the main rules for a solid deck.


Ty so much, I openly accept all forms of help! (except boosting, that is no fun).


The order I wrote them in.


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