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Hyperswarm is high tier! 😤

Hello guys. I’m sure many of you have seen my constant posts about my newfound love of Lilithe hyperswarm. Hell, most of you are probably sick of it by now :sweat_smile:

Anyway, after extensive playing and refining of this wonderful deck, I’ve built something that I feel is very strong and completely capable of taking you to S rank. I’ve been using it in ranked in the last couple of days with good results, better than any other deck I used, and managed to climb from Diamond 4 to 2. Probably one of the nice perks of this deck is that it actually hard counters Strategos decks that don’t run much removal and since those decks are rampant in the meta, you can get some satisfying wins, teaching them how swarm is done :grin:

“But Ben, Abyssian is weak now. Everyone runs AoE in the current meta because of Strategos Brome!”

This is true. However, most meta decks and otherwise are still beatable with this deck with some smart playing and a pinch of luck. The only matchup that I would say is a straight autolose is a Songhai deck that is running all of their AoE stuff since there isn’t really a way to play around a Jux’d/Protocol’d Thorn.

This is the list I currently run:

I am working on crafting 3x Soul Grimwar which I will test replacing the Soulshatter Pacts with. Normally Chakram would be replaced but I feel that they are invaluable in games that go longer, especially when facing other swarm decks and in combination with Priestess.

So, thoughts on this? Do you agree that this deck is really as good as I think it is?

Deck being able to reach S-rank doesn’t actually speak of the power of a particular archetype. It speaks more of piloting skills.


I think the same and can’t find the difference between brome and this. its just spam

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Soulshatter is actually better than Grimwar for hyperswarm. Ideally you actually want to replace Furor with Grimwar so you can finish games earlier. Generally you want to swarm as hard as you can then on 5-6 mana play two of your payoff cards at once and kill them instantly, a goal which Furor impedes but Grimwar encourages.

But hey, there’s many variations and I could be wrong for yours :slight_smile:

TLDR don’t underestimate Soulshatter it’s one of the best hyperswarm cards period imo


I strongly disagree that Lilithe hyperswarm is just spam. Thinking so means you actually never tried it.


I second this. There’s a lot of micromanagement you have to do when you have a wide board and the margin for error is a lot bigger.


Good point. Perhaps I’m just very good at the micromanagement aspect of this archetype and that’s why I’ve been doing so well with it :grin:


Fair points. Soulshatter has definitely shined on occasions and its low cost is very useful to combine with other finishers. Chakram is still very solid though. I’ll have to do a lot of testing.

I went over this before.
If I ranked the neccessity of things to reach s Id say.
Piloting skills depend on the deck for their importance, for this and mantra shidai etc piloting is almost as neccessary as how good the deck is.
A decks optimalization and meta power is the most important, as its extremely difficult to reach s in a realistic amount of time with dance of memes
Lastly luck is extremely important.


Maybe that’s why I enjoy the deck so much and have been getting these results. I like to reduce RNG as much as possible in games and this deck feels very consistent compared to others I’ve used. Plus, I seem to be in my element when I’ve got a wide board and I’m figuring out all of the movements for the most optimal play. I guess the real RNG here is the matchup :sweat_smile:

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It does tell that the deck isn,t complete garbage
Even the best player in the world couldn,t reach S with something like dying wish vet(that doesn,t utilize thunderhorn,lost in the desert and accumularibus(unspeable name))


Something that makes a deck toptier is strengh and lack of hardcounters or the hardcounters beeing bad vs anything else
Your deck doesn,t realy fit ,no hardcounters,
As you yourself said
You faceroll anything that lacks AOE
Partial AOE results in luckdependant matches
Heavy aoe decks like midrange Kaleos oblitarate your list

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I wouldn’t say it’s top tier, but definitely high/competitive and can still win against some tough matchups. Like, you can play around some factions AoE with DFC/Grimwar. Magmar’s big one is 5 mana so if you DFC/Grimwar the turn before and smash face to drop their health low, it denies them that removal and gives you a good chance of winning. Similar is true of Vanar with their 6 mana spell.

EMP isn’t actually much of an issue since it doesn’t kill things (unless they were buffed with damage) and can be ignored if you can still achieve lethal the turn after.

Lyonar and Songhai have the strongest AoE against swarm, I’d say. Ironically, Strategos decks tend to forego any kind of AoE removal in favour of using their own swarm as an AoE and Songhai doesn’t show up much in the ladder at the moment, so that also helps with matchups. I generally tend to beat Vet decks too, as the only AoE they typically run is Thorn which is easily dealt with by whipping it and sometimes even using it to kill my own things off for DFC/Priestess etc. Sometimes they run bone swarm too which can be pretty annoying but that can be played around.

Please, stop promoting the deck, bro. You know it is good, I know it is good, but nobody wants it to become popular. As soon as it becomes AoE will be unbearable.


The first rule of swarm club…


Oh yeah no. This deck has a crap ton of rng. From drawing the finisher to getting lucky enough your opponent doesnt get an AOE. But, I do understand what your saying because of how crazy long I played this for.


Please listen…

Well, 90% of the time I usually have a finisher in hand by the 4-6 mana point where one is relevant. It’s only those very rare games where RNG screws me over. Plus, of course, the RNG of your opponent drawing their AoE removals consistently.

Aww I love hyperswarm. It’s not high tier though, it just kinda folds to AoE, but fuck me if it isn’t the greatest deck for laddering. If you win, you win quickly, if your opponent draws aoe you can just concede and move on.

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R u s rank yet?