Hyperlight Assassin, a fan-made Neutral Card!


Hey guys, just wanted to share this card I made, with OC pixel art and everything :smiley:

So the goal was to not only make pixel art, but also to create a removal method for Neutrals. In this case, our Hyperlight Assassin takes his time to line up the shot, and at the start of his next turn (regardless of if the Assassin is actually alive), his target is eliminated. However, the opponent will react accordingly to this, so there is some degree of counterplay. For the really desperate souls, the Opening Gambit is a debuff that can be dispelled.

The art took around 4 hours to make, and was based off of this:

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below!



Compare this to, lets say, Martyrdom. For the same amount of mana, this card leaves a decent body and does not heal the opponent. Yes, this wont save you from imminent ethal because that card still has one turn to be used, but I still think your card is a little too strong for a 3 drop with average stats.

And if we compare it to Entropic Decay…


Effect is too strong for cost/ stats. Would either be a 3 mana 2/2 (if not lower) or a 4 mana.


Very neat design. Also think 4 mana. Improper comparison to entropic decay due to the kill delay.


Very good design and idea. After about if 3 mana 2/4 is ok or not it’s not that important all the work is already done.gj



Sorry everyone, had a small typo. The card is supposed to be 4 Mana 2/4.



I think people here are overstating the card’s power: I’d change the effect to destroy the minion at the end of your next turn but that’s about it. Really cool art to base the design off, and really cool design idea! Allowing an enemy to roam freely for a turn is a huge drawback in this game and it needs to have a good target to be worth it.


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