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Hyper Xor Deck!

Hey guys.

So, I managed to build a Xor deck that actually works pretty well and can win consistently.

Here’s the list:

It’s based on a “Hybrid Xor” deck and is capable of many game-plans at once, resulting in a very versatile deck that can handle many different situations.

Gameplan 1: Build a swarm with Priestess and cash in with Chakram/DFC/Shadowdancer
This is your most reliable wincon. I feel like people tend to replace their removal outside of dispel when facing a Xor deck and don’t really expect a swarm tactic. This results in Priestess often going unanswered which allows you to gain tempo very quickly.

Gameplan 2: Spam death spells to rush out Xor
This is a bit less reliable, depending on what you draw early on, but an ideal hand can result in completing the trial very quickly. For instance, if you have a couple Darkfire Sacrifices or Aphotic Drain’s in hand alongside a Vellumscry, with a Sarlac/Gor on board, you can easily progress by 3-4 spells in a single turn. Vellumscry in particular can enable huge tempo turns in this respect, rushing out your Trial while also keeping a full hand.

Gameplan 3: Buff minions with Shaman
This is an alternative for when you don’t draw a Gor/Sarlac or Priestess early on. Cryptographer into Shaman is a strong play that results in a 4/8 and a 2/6. Combine with Chakram for devastating results.

Honestly I feel like this deck is really strong. I’m currently in Diamond and seeing if I can reach S Rank with it. Here’s some notable replays:


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Hmmmn beat you to it



To be fair, he did reference the hybrid xor deck that he based this on.

I can see this working; the curve was lowered to accomodate vellumscry. I’ve never had much luck with vellumscry though, since 4 mana for 2 cards is pretty inefficient.

I’d still suggest finding a bit of room fugitive though. Fugitive is complicated to use, but has really powerful effects. When paired with aphotic, for example, it’s a nearly guaranteed 10+ heal. Perhaps replace desolator / aphotic drain with fugitive?

Btw, did you make it into S rank?

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