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Hyper ramp Grailmaster


As I turn my attention to another unknown card of my collection, it appears I had completely underestimated Grailmaster.

I cooked up a ramp deck to try her and it leaves me with a wow impression.
Grailmaster becomes Flying super sayan from any Gravity Well, Luminous Charge, or Grandmaster Embla. Unanswered it means 12 (more likely 14 with BBS) Ranged/Frenzy damage per turn thereafter.

Usual backup plans with Locke and the walls.

Comments welcome!


i got one thing, and only one thing to say about this. DAY-mmm


As usual you are following my footsteps into the land of the crazy.

The problem of Grail master (which I gave more then one try in the same setting) is - she we’ll eat every removel possible once she hit the board.

But let’s see if you’ll be able to manage a good run with it.

Keep us updated.


Oh I think in Silver I can get just about anything to “succeed” and anyway I’m just here to have loads of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I was on the receiving end of an unanswered Grailmaster (in my last match against @zerounderscoreou I think?) and got impressed. I think she needs more appearances on the ladder.

I will try to think about removal bait for the (lightning fast) early game. Thanks!


Hello, im vetruvian


Now if only Grailmaster + Aegis Barrier could be done by Vanar…Except they don’t have the ramp, or the unit spam to give it keywords.

I like this deck, gonna try it, thanks @bepoest


I was thinking along the same lines, haha.
Figure that there is a very old post in this forum stating that Grailmaster can only work in Lyonar because only them have the necessary minion spam. Things have changed.

Still, the neutral pool provides Jax Truesight, but no ramp is a big problem.

You may afford a 7-mana doll with no immediate board effect when you have a 4-mana lead on your opponent. Strong ramp is essential.


We indeed played a match recently but I’m quite sure I was playing Shidai Burnhai.


suggesting for extra pain:

sure emp will fuck you up more than it already can, but who plays that johnny five 7-drop nowadays?


Hey @cookedpoo I have this special for you.


please explain the plan. looks very fun to play.


That’s a very big word there. :slight_smile:

Let’s just say that you try to ramp up early, as it facilitates everything else. You normally replace all costly units and Chassis of Mechaz0r.
Play a Deceptib0t or Echo Deliverant as soon as possible, and then try to build a Mech platoon if it sticks. This part is also the removal bait, but if on a lucky match you get it to work it’s an awesome festival of duplicating Forcefield hydraulic compactors.

Grailmaster is a game ender if she sticks for one turn, as you’ll follow up with walls to give her max abilities (Ranged, Flying, Celerity, Frenzy…) On a theoretical standpoint, Grailmaster will also achieve max cosmoenergy from an Echo Deliverant multi spawn.

Play Lady Locke as the entry combo piece into: Blazing Spines, Luminous Charge, and Deceptib0t attack.

Learn the habit of playing your BBS BEFORE attacking with Deceptib0t or playing a Mech: In case an Echo Deliverant is around, extra spawns will receive double bonus (+2/+2).

This is a very new deck, fun (non optimal) type, and I’m probably going to tweak it again. Note: The game AI and the bosses are really easy preys for the Deceptib0t angle.

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