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Hybrid wall/vespyr - 7/10

last night during an operation i had an idea and had to put it into a decklist
vespyr - fun! walls - fun! so let’s mix 'em.

as for now i tested it today in a few matches, a long way to completion and yet - i feel like it’s a great idea, as part of the anti-anti-fun vanar decks, yet with a solid wincon.

thoughts? ideas? cards you thing will fit the theme?
i had ton of ideas and not enough space to fit (40 is a little narrow)

HEYYYYY you actually posted this deck! I would definitely try it out if only it were budget enough but oh well. I feel the lack of Ghost Seraphim in this deck quite questionable tho, especially since you intend to play a few high cost cards like winter’s wake and luminous charge, EVEN IF she is an Arcanyst and not a vespyr

Have you tried using Kara as the general for this deck? It would give the walls a bigger impact, particularly Luminous, as you currently have no way to set them off besides WW.

I would also maybe consider Wintertide for added Vespyr synergy if you have them. I haven’t gotten around to testing it myself but together with Kara and other synergies I think they might have a place here and could replace Wailing Overdrive.

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Check out my VVall deck on my master thread:

@calebtenrou I think Kara is a really natural fit for the deck.

But if you want to go with Faie I dont think the vespyr route is really optimal, she needs to fit more wall pay off cards, for an example on how I play her check Double Trouble.

If you’re sticking with Faie you should drop most Vespyr support and play that attack buff rare 4/3 guy who’s name I totally remember. Really strong wall payoff.

But definitely should be a Kara deck otherwise looks fine to me

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