Humble Zirixz0r participation


Heya guys,

I’m far from being a Vet adept but I had to do 4 Vet matches & 8 matches for my daylies … so I’ve build a fast and dirty mechaz0r Vet.

Nothing fancy but as it performed nicely (mid-gold), I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share. I guess it’s pretty classical but I was happy to see it survived the current meta.

Interesting combos :

  • Flying Sword
  • Sword + 2d Wish (hit General, clean the rest, for free)
  • Flying Sword + 2d Wish (nice cleaner)
  • Nosh-Rak the turn after you summoned Mechaz0r (16 in the face !)
  • Cosmic Wing (stiiiiickyyyyy)

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I like how Nosh-Rak acts as a pseudo Spirit of the Wild in this deck! Zirix taking a page straight out of Faie! I’m curious what the Cosmic Fleshes are for.


I used it to stall the game.

Genuine example :

  • P1T1 : move 2 tiles forward, cast Wings on the tile in front of P2 which denies central mana tile most of the time. P2 can only move top-left/bottom-left if he wants to go closer of mana tile
  • P1T2 : move forward, cast Helm and steal central mana tile, and Cosmic Flesh on Wings which is now a 2/7 Provoke, bugging again opponent movement (usually, more a 2/5 because General hit it on P2T1)

Cosmic Flesh is also a nice combo with Second Wish for a 4 mana total : General provoked by a +3/+5 minion he cannot damage, has to use one of his minion/spell to deal with it, very tasty :wink:


Hey nwardezir, good build. I really like it, messing with it now. I dropped one of the divine spark’s and added 1 stars fury. Also added two bone swarms.


Happy you liked it :wink:
2x Bone Swarm instead of ? 2x Oasis ?


Actually don’t have 2 healers, so I worked one in for her and I only kept one Jammer in too. Also running only 2 astral phasing’s.

Update: So from the few matches I’ve been playing with it, seems like game is pretty much decided turn 7-8.

Also I worked 1 Z0R into the deck that battle pet that generates a Mech. Actually pulled Mechanzor from it one of the games, so had two of them on the board turn 8.


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